Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yolanda - Florrie avec Echos OP

Hello lovelies,

I got my new dress! I ordered it over Loli-loli Paradise on Facebook in September (!!) but it finally arrived. I actually also ordered a bonnet but it was sold out when I had to do my final payment...meh. Just my luck..
So for the dress I paid 1080 HKD (122€), 915 HKD (103€) for the dress and 165 HKD (19€) for the shipping.
It arrived packed in plastic and with a free lolipop.


close up of the under skirt

Detail of the pattern

The fabric is very thin but I didn't try it on yet. Also, I am 155cm and the dress goes over my knee, so it is definitely also something for taller lolitas and tall lolita friendly.

Auris Lothol

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