Friday, 28 June 2013

MIj details 3

Hello lovelies,

yesterdays progress again!
And today is the last day. The skirt is still missing but at least it was cut out already on Sunday.

I decided to change the top part because it didn't look good.


After. This is what it looks like now.
I did most of the sleave part yesterday but still need to find a way of attching them to the garment.

Plus, news on my shopping spree.
One parcel with tattoo stockings arrived today. Yey!
 I ordered two because I know for sure, I'll wear them once and can throw them away. I never take good care of my stockings and they have holes in them after one minute of wearing them.

I really like the design. Plus, there are two or three more parcels with these stockings, but in another design, on its way to my place. Keke.

The day before yesterday I also got my first, but secondhand prisila wig.
 I'll give you a detailed report when I receive my other two prisila wigs from rakuten. It's the first time I have ordered with Tenso and I have a really good impression of their service. But more about that later on.


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