Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mori styled collar

Hello lovelies,

I am not dead yet. University started and kept me quite busy. I still have to work regularly three times a week too so no real sewing projects are on
The only thing I did to keep my mind and fingers busy was a kind of morikei styled collar.

The cut out collar with two corcheted flowers and a heart.

Everything sewn together, cut in the edges and turned around.

I added a closing and pinned on the flowers. There will still be stuff added because it's so plain but I kind of lost the motivation for that...? I'll add some more flowers and lace when my muse kisses me again but for the moment, she is in a deep winter sleep already...
The collar is also a bit very white and I played with the thought of pouring black tea over it to get a nice brownish-faded tone but...well, it's only a thought. :)


Wednesday, 15 October 2014


Hello lovelies,

I'm back from Nicon and I had a really lovely time in Hannover.
A., my German friend with whom I had a Norway cosplay fotoshooting once, invited me to go to Nicon with her and we decided to do Uta no Prince-sama on Sunday, with a friend of her.
So two weeks before the con I started sewing one costume again but that was not difficult because it was just a dress, and dresses are very easy to sew, in my opinion.

The only problem I had with this dress was the stocking. One day before I flew to Hannover, I went to every stocking shop in Vienna but they just didn't have that kind of stocking. I even looked in Germany but nope. So I settled on buying plain red ones...And luckily, most of the time my stockings were not in the Picture. wuhuu! But I am moving too far ahead.

My boyfriend drove me to the airport and I was there three hours too early. But I didn't care because I didn't have to go with the train, yey.
Everything went very smoothly and Anchen picked be up from the Hannover airport.
So at the first day of the con I wore my female Austria cosplay again and I had no problems doing a pissed off expression because I was so tired.

A. was in the cosplay jury of the convention so we had to be there at noon but we still had some time to go for a quick sightseeing. I was already very interested in seeing the city because of me being a small history nerd again. No, really. I wanted to see the city were the famous Hannoveran King on the british throne came from OTL.
I tried once more for a kind of himegyaru style but my hair just didn't look right on the picture taken because they were much bigger and poofier in real life. Also the contouring is not visible at all...
I wore my Angelic Pretty dress, DreamV shoes and a la pafait replica necklace.
A. had to leave me for quite a in between so I watched the Uta no prince-sama showgroup, which gave me a better understanding of the series. In the evening I also enjoyed the concert of Unsayn, an incredibly talented group of musicians. I instantly bought their album and I have their three songs on repeat. They sing in Japanese, English and German and I just love the voice of the singer. She is fantastic.

Sunday was our Utapri day!!
That was the sweetest thing that happened to me all weekend. From then on, I only called them my two beautiful princes...

 Left is K. as Masato and A. is Ren on the right.

And here are some more pictures, taken from Animexx. It was such a shame that we didn't have a lot of time and therefore K. and me don' t have a lot of pictures together...awwww...

Pictures by Kaine, Nodoka and Anchen-chan @ Animexx

It was a real shame to get only a few pictures with K. but we had to rush to the Airport for my flight to Vienna. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend with loads of pizza and fun.


Thursday, 2 October 2014


Hello lovelies,

this year I started to crochet very early. Usually I start in November but I think, that crocheting is much more relaxing for me than 2h gym. And I did both yesterday...

More than a year ago I made a huge order from Nehelenia pattern and I really did want to sew a lot this summer but I simply couldn't. My workspace in this flat is only about 50cmx50cm which is not enough to draw nor cut out huge patterns. Yesterday I browsed through my pattern collection again because I wanted to order something from Nehelenia patterns again, and I stumbled over a 1920s intimacies pattern.


I decided to do the slip dress but then I found the cutest lace tutorial and decided to do a pre-mock-up with the materials I had at home..

This is the finished pattern. You can faintly see that it's actually a rose. But with my sewing needle and the wrong thread it doesn't look that good. So I guess on Tuesday I will go and get the correct needle (0,8 or 1mm) and the right thread (size 20).
I also, once again, found out that I am much better in reading the sketches than in written down instructions Eg (ch2, sk sp, DC)4 times.....--> wth..

Have a nice week,

I'll be in Hannover this weekend and go to Nicon with a German friend. Hooray.


Monday, 29 September 2014

Part one of my Hime Lolita fotoshooting with Andreas Madl

Hello lovelies,

I finally have some free time at hand and wanted to share part one of my Hime Lolita fotoshooting with the very talented Andreas Madl. Check out his page, because his pin-up pictures are simply amazing.
It was a rather spontaneous fotoshooting and I didn't get the socks I ordered nor the shoes. Due to the heavy rain before we started, my curls also vanished. And I had the most wonderful curls ;__;

Dress: fanplusfriend
shoes: DreamV
Hat: Taobao
socks: offbrand

after the fotoshooting, Matthias, who was a great flashlight holder, and I went to a Mcdonalds near the location (We made the fotos near Schloss Schönbrunn in the park). And the mcdonals was so nice because it was all in Jugendstil/Art noveau! This is the second nice mcdonalds in Vienna, the other nice one is near Museumsquartier at Mariahilferstraße and has some wonderful stucco.


Have a nice week,


Thursday, 25 September 2014

Sewing paterns for himekaji and gyaru

Hello lovelies,

I got a few questions on tumblr about the patterns and decided to go through Mccalls pattern and look for gyaru-able patterns because the last post only had pictures but no description on where to find them. Most of them were from burdastyle but the problem is, that these were only from their German homepage. When typing the number of the pattern into the enlish burdastyle, they didn't show anything.
Therefore I decided to browse through Mccall's patterns and present some gyaru-ish or gyaru inspired pattern. Never forget, the fabric, lace, pearls and details make them gyaruish :)!


Number: M6833
Easy Pattern
Top right and bottom left are perfect, pattern wise...

Number: M6836
Easy Pattern
Variations: Make the skirt piece very short and you get a cute top

Number: M6956
no status, but it should be an easy pattern too


Number: M6442
Easy pattern
All three are super cute. Imagine them in a white fluffy fabric with lace, and pearls on the colllar. I expecially like the last one, number C.


Number: M6756
Easy pattern
The first pattern is a uper cute and easy lace pants.


Number: M6706
Easy Pattern
Super easy, super quick skirts. Add more frills, lace, fake roses etc and they'll be perfect.


Number: M6467
Easy Pattern
If you don't like them to be that wide or flowing, take away a few cm off your pattern.

Number: M6648
Easy Pattern
If you don't like the sleeves, reduce the armhole and the width of the sleeve pattern. But the peter pan collar with ribbon is just too cute.


Number: M6809
Easy pattern
Bootwraps! Make them out of fake fur!

Number M3033
Easy pattern
A wrap, bolero and other cute ideas to keep you warm. I especially like the ones in the top.
Happy sewing!


Thursday, 18 September 2014

Sewing patterns for gyaru

Hello lovelies,

I attended Connichi last weekend and got a bit sick with fever and a cough. Luckily I am feeling much better now. I finished my Kill la Kill cosplay in the last moment which was not easy because I lost my motivation. No wonder, I was just working, going home, sewing, sleeping, going to work, work, go home, sew, sleep....
At least I have about 2 weeks time for the next Convention, Nicon in Hannover because I promised A. to visit her.
I am thinking about doing a new Ciel costume but let's see if I find the right fabric tomorrow in my fabric store.

Sewing your own clothes for Lolita is accepted if you use the right fabric, lace and if the outcome doesn't look like a Milano scam. But I never made my own things for Gyaru nor do I know people who do, so I put together some pattern, which are usable for Himegyaru and Himekaji.
All these pattern I am going to list can be used as basic pattern and it is for you to decide how to decorate it with lace, flowers, and ribbons.

I wanted to include the burda numbers where I got the pictures from but these are only in German. I didn't know that there were different patterns for the countries so take the patterns as suggestions for it you find similar patterns...


Use this pattern for dresses like this:

You can use it for babydroll dresses:

If you want to have sleeves on your dress, use this pattern
Of course it is always and option to make the dresses shorter or the sleeves longer or shorter...

3. Here are some more suggestions with a waistline
The dress on the bottom left is perfectly suited for a nice Himegyaru dress....add sleeves and a heart shaped neckline, some ribbons in front and more lace and it would be perfect...

I think bottom left plus top right would fit nicely too..

Fabrics to use: flower prints, cotton, maybe Jersey but be careful with that fabric, and chiffon.

 Have a nice weekend,


Friday, 5 September 2014

finished elf costumes

Hello lovelies,
longtime no see!
i am so busy at the moment a there is no end in sight because University will start in Oktober again too and I have 8 classes, á 1,5 or 2 hours plus 25,5hours of work per week, ergs. I really hope to finish all my projects and start new ones too...I have so many ideas.

The following two costumes were made for the Middle-earth festival (Mittelerdefest) near the Czech border in Austria. I have a very split opinion about the festival. On one side, I loved all the workshop and especially the long sword fighting. On the other side, I was confronted with racism and sexism which made me, a half Asian, half Austrian woman, so angry and mad at all these fucktards. I do not know if I'll go there again because it was really expensive (there is another lotr festival and it's located in a castle and it's only half the price..) , in the middle of nowhere (and I had to go there with public transportation) and because of the people who, I thought, were mysoginists.

Enough ranting (my favourite pasttime)
Left is the front part, right the back..

All the parts for the top...

Tadah and that's the finished costume. I am sorry it is so winkled but I only had the chance to take pictures after the festival. I close it with this leave brooch and the white satin ribbon.

Detail pictures of he ribbon and my collar. I hand stitched flowers, pearls and rocailles on it. I like stitching very much yet I am still not good at it *cries*

The back. I closed the skirt part accidently although I wanted it to be open until the knee. whupsies. Never mind, it worked like that too.

Details of my stitching on my back collar. As you can see, I was too lazy to continue until the end...

And this is the more princess-ish dress, with pink velvet and silver/blue silk...
Front of the dress including the slippers I made!

 See how big the sleeves are? I love them but I only wore them when I did the leather works workshop because they would have been very impractical during my sword fighing workshop :D!

Details of my pearl stitching on the front. You will see, that I was too lazy/didn't have time to do the back.

See here the plain back but with a long (and dirty) trail. It was muddy and raining at the festival nearly all day long on saturday and Sunday. Lucky I wore this dress on Friday, it would have looked much worse when I have worn in on one of the other days.

Shoes plus details. Again, everything is hand stitched....

All pictures are large so if you click on them, you can zoom into them even more!

Have a nice weekend,