Thursday, 21 May 2015

ootd - Kusmi tea tasting

Hello lovelies,

another outfit of the day because I met up with my sister and we went to a Kusmi tea-tasting.
My coord therefore is tea-themed!

 I wore a liz lisa blouse and a bodyline skirt. The skirt reminds me of my fine floral china porcelain. The shoes are from DreamV/Yumetenbo and the tea clutch is from wonder rocket.

Close up of the make-up. The filter always hides every contouring or blush. Meh.

And another close up, this time of my brooch. It is from closet child. Isn't it super cute?

At the Kusmi shop, they had two different ice-teas and two different sweets for the guests.
One of the teas was a mint one, which I absolutely disliked because I don't like mint. The other tea was a fruity red berry tea with real raspberries! I liked it.
The dessert were very different. One was very creamy, and the other one had an intense caramel taste. Both also were made out of tea. I liked both of the dessert whereas my sister only like the creamy, tiramisu like one.

All the best,


Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Hello lovelies,

almost two weeks and no new blogpost even though I can not say I was very busy.
But I just wanted to share a few pictures of my outfit of the day (from Saturday).
Matthias and I went furniture shopping to Ikea.

I am wearing my rabbit teeth OP with a Liz lisa cardigan. It is very simple, and casual, perfect for the very long shopping trip.

And here is the side view.

Then last week on Tuesday I went to visit my former flatmate and then meet up with my friends in my most favourite bar in Vienna.
I wore the floral dress I bought in Romania from Lashez. It is such a shame that they do not have international shipping because their clothes are really cute and amazing.
The shoes are from primark plus I am wearing the necklace Matthias gave me for Christmas last year. It is a merchandise from Kushiel's dart series, real silver, and handmade. The books are fantastic and I can just recommend them.

And last week my Tralala order arrived!
It's from the sailor moon collection and just so cute!
The only problem I have, is that the skirt is a bit tight around my waist. But this is no wonder. I have gained so much weight last year due to me being unhappy in the flat and eating all the time without working out...
But the other items fit very well, so no complains here.

Have a nice week,


Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Burgundian court dress (FINALLY)

Hello lovelies,

as announced previously this year (see this post) I planned to sew a burgundian court dress. Long was my research and not very fruitful because there are so many interpretations.
I inteded to sew something similar to this

My guru was the medieval tailor's assistant by Sarah Thursfield. You can download it here. (VERY USEFUL).

Sartor was my fabric dealer and I really loved all the fabrics from the shop.
The red fabric is for the outer gown, the white linen for my chemise and the black woolfabric was for my kirtle.
Here a closer picture:

I started with my chemise which didn't work out like I wanted because it was much too big. So I did some folds into it, so it wouldn't slip off my shoulders. I can't find any pictures of it so no pictures here for now.

I finished the black kirtle yesterday in the evening. All the visible stitches are hand stitched (lazy me).
It has a while lining and a flounce.
starting out with the bodice

Oversewing the skirtpart to the bodice

This is how it looked like from the outside. The second threat was made to make the small pleats and I cut it out afterwards.

Tiny holes for the string.

The first fitting (without the chemise because I left it somewhere).
And this is were the problems continued. The medieval tailor's assistant stated to make three skirt pieces. And I did but they didn't quite write down where the pieces should be. And now my skirt parts were fucked up. And I had to redo it two times.
Okay, enough with the and. This version has no flounce yet but damn it does magics to my cleavage.

Finally the finished kirtle with my chemise. Sorry for the crappy pic, it was already dark. As you can see on the left side of my skirt, it is a bit highter than in the middle. Meh. But then, who sees this anyway? It is under my overgown anyway.

So, this is the flared gown I wanted. I cut and tailored the basic dress today

The first fitting was then not to my liking. Coincidently I wore a blue belt which matched my blue dress and matched the dress.
I was happy with the outcome except for one thing. I should have made the collar without leaving that huge seam right in the middle. Urgh. I am torn between doing it again (I anyway have to buy new fabric because what I bought was not enough. I didn't see that it was only 75cm wide....damn it.) and just switching sides; making the back front and then trying to do something with the back.

All the best,


Monday, 4 May 2015

RomaPri Order

Hello lovelies,

Roma Pri (Romantic Princess) is a japanese store where you can buy everything for your house and home. They offer everything from antique styled princess furniture to cute little dishcloths.
I have been on and off this site for a few years now but never ordered something even though I found so many cute things. But for my new flat I really wanted to make an order because I wanted a cute toilet matt, as our bathroom was super cold.
If you want to order, you first have to register at Roma pri. I had difficulties with it because my name was too long and therefore it didn't take my registration. So I shortened my name and then it worked. I used visa to pay for the items and they were sent to Tenso, because Romapri doesn't send overseas, which is a huge shame. I also had to notify Tenso about the shortening of my name but it worked out well and they got the package in less than a week.
With me being the cheapskate I am, I chose the slowest but also the cheapest shipping method and received the package after almost two months.

The box arrived and it was so big! Me in comparison to the box...

 my toilet rug! Finally! And it is super cute and thick and has those plastic stoppers at the back so it doesn't slide away.

 This is a cat cushion. It is so cute! I think the material is a very shiny velvet because it is so soft and fluffy.
And last but not least, a crown lamp. I only noticed after I did the order that Japan has another voltage, so I am not sure if I can really use it as a lamp. I will probably use it as a deco item...

There where two smaller glass cases which came with the lamp but one of them was broken. Such a shame! 

All in all, the order was expensive but I really like my items, yes even though one of the glass was broken, so whatever. :) I will just have to remind myself to not order sth with glass the next time!

Have a nice week,


Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bring and Buy

Hello lovelies,

as mentioned in my sales post before, there was a wonderful bring and buy in Vienna last weekend. It was organised by GLAM (Gothic lolita Austria Mitglieder (members)) and they did a fantastic job.
They collaborated with a local gothic sales flea market and got a small space for their bring and buy.
All the pictures belong to the mistress of the lolita goes bad blog.

The event started at 12 and it was so packed already after half an hour. And more stuff came in by the minute. It was really, really packed.
Also, there was a seperate room where you could try on the clothes first before buying them. 

The light was a bit weird.

Bags and shoes had their own table and both were also really packed. There was also a separate table for blouses and shirts.

The organisers and helpers of the bring and buy. The card system worked out perfectly and the selling fee was only 1€.

(I kinda photo bombed in two pictures, this and the bottom picture..find me!)

The accessories table and me photo bombing again on the right. I loved my hair that day.

Saddly, I didn't sell a lot so all in all, I only made a plus of 21€ whith selling three of my dresses. It would have been 45 but minus the 24€ fee, my win span was very reduced.
But, I found a cute little bag, and I bought it for 20€. So all that was left from that day was 1€. Haha.
 Loooook at that cute baby. Isn't it rad?

So, my outfit of the day consisted of a secret honey dress, from the Disney princess collection, and a blouse from the same brand from the frozen collection.

I had to look up or else my face would have been in a complete shadow. Also, the princesses are not really visible but they are near the hem of the dress. Blue is cinderella, yellow is belle, purple is rapunzel and the green/red is Arielle.

That was already after the event, so my locks are already bad looking. Meh.. Also, I have areally weird shaped face...XD

Have a nice weekend!


Monday, 27 April 2015

Sales post

Hello lovelies,

yesterday was a J-fashion bring and buy and everybody could bring J-fashion (off)brand clothes. One euro was the fee and you could bring as much clothes as you want. I brought 24€ pieces but only sold three, so a lot of things are still on sale.

  • I ship from Vienna, Austria. 
  • I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages.
  • No returns, no exchanges
  • I have no pets and nobody smokes in the flat
  • I accept paypal and bank transfer (in Europe)
  • Feel free to ask questions! I will answer asap.
  • Prices are in Euro.
  • Please message/comment for shipping prices!
  • Payment plans are negotiable
  • No trades

Brand: Queen Bee
Size: M
Condition: Never worn
Price: 35€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: Free size (S-M)
Condition: Only tried on
Price: 45€

Brand: Fanplusfriend Garden
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner, it has small black dots on the collar (see last picture)
Price: 20€

Brand: Jesus Diamante
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner but I only tried it on. It has greyish spots at the back of the sleevehole but they are almost not visible.
Price: 120€

Brand: Liz Lisa
Size: Freesize (S-M)
Condition: Tried once, like new
Price: 50€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: S
Condition: tried on once, like new
Prize: 20€

Very old gyaru top, bought it in 2007.
Brand: Liz lisa
Size: S
Condition: worn, but ok
Price: 10€

to be continued..