Sunday, 20 April 2014

cult party kei x Lolita

Hello lovelies,

I had a wonderful fotoshooting with Isa today. She needed a new profile picture and I wanted an outfit shooting. We were in Volksgarten in Vienna and enjoyed sunshine. Even though our eyes burned and we suffered from a grass and pollen allergy.
Nevertheless, the outcome was very good and I am so happy with it. She just knows how I want my pictures!
That's the best picture of the coord. The others are mostly portrait pictures or the sun was too strong..
Dress: Angelic Pretty
Peignoir: self made
Rest: offbrand

I look so tiny XD

And those are the rest of the pictures:

I love the pink filter and it is that pink on purpose. :)

I also like the effect the peignoir gives the dress.

I got Douglas vouchers as an Easter present for work and immediately spent them on contouring make-up. Also the saleslady was so nice and cute, we talked about old retro anime and bands.

And now I will continue to watch Gladiator and eat chocolate! What a nice day!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

random updates

Hello lovelies,

all students are having easter holidays! Hooray! But I have to work. Beh. Nevertheless, I just found out that we got a pay raise. Hooray again!

Currently I am working on my Sakizou cosplay rather than finishing poor Lucrezia. But this has an easy explanation: I ordered new pearls and other items on the net and didn't receive them yet.

I cut out frills and even more frills for the cos and tested my new overlock. It worked very well and I am pleased with the outcome...
two pictures of my frills and a close-up of the seam I made with my overlock machine.
Looking good! I am quite satisfied.

The only new thing I have for Lucrezia is the pattern of the sleeve. As you can see, I glued a lot of pieces on it and cut them again because they never fitted perfectly.
But now it fits like a glove...

 Apart from sewing I also went shopping last Friday and made my nails at a nail salon.

There are two Primark stores in Vienna at the moment and both make you poor. Really, really poor. I didn't want to spend any money but then I found a cute bag, and then cute accessoires and so on. Luckily my friend, Princess Panda, didn't allow me to buy a new suitcase. Although it really looked fantastic and was only 28€. ;___;.
I also got a new sweater, which I can't find now...great...

Detailed pictures of my shopping goodies. I will definitely add some flowers or strawberries to the bag and make it even cuter :D!

As for my nails, I friend recommended a nail salon in the 7th district to me.The owner was so nice and even said, that my special wished for pink glitter, pearls and ribbons were no problem. Hooray the third!
And now I finally have nice nails again *___*!

My waist training is doing fairly well. I just ate too much on Friday to Sunday and therefore I couldn't lace it that tight on Monday but that's okay. I am nearly at a 22" waist. I should have ordered a 20" corset....

And you know what? The baby corset from What katie did fit's me almost perfectly as an underbust corset. OTL. I am really tiny and small. All other underbust corsets are too long for me and push up my breasts awkwardly...


Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Finished Peignoir

Hello lovelies,

two finished project posts in less than a week. I hope I'll keep up this pace!

In a few hours yesterday I continued to sew the missing frills on the lower part, sew frills and then handstitch them onto the collar and finish hemming the sleeves.

For the sleeves I used a scalloped ornamental stitch.

For the collar I used my low shank gathering foot to gather a mass of frills.
I then handstitched it on the collar.

 Ignor the strands of fabric. I didn't cut it yet...

And then tadaaah, the finished peignoir. It looks really bulky and weird but if you add an elastic belt on your waist it gets a nice form! Just perfect for my new cult party kei outfit.


Friday, 4 April 2014

Finished Reta (finally!)

Hello lovelies,

I wanted to finish the reta already one month ago but due to my moving and to university I didn't have time. But nooooow, finally!


My version:

So happy about that!
Now I will go and do the dress ^3^


Monday, 31 March 2014

Peignoir part 2

Hello lovelies,

I didn't forget about my Peignoir project! I was just so busy with my moving and then find space in the much too small room that I couldn't sew at all. But then yesterday I got my new sewing feet and decided to continue the peignoir today. That, and because my room is still such a damn mess that I needed something to calm myself down...
Look at them! I got them very cheap on ebay and they work perfectly. I used the gathering and the 1/8 hemmer foot.

This cutey is the 1/8 get a lovely and very thin seam:

The seam is a bit wobbly because I was very, very sloppy with cutting the fabric...

The next thing I did was sewing on the sleeves.

I had a hard time taking a picture of my arm. The sleeve goes under my elbow and is super puffy. Although the picture really doesn't give it credit.

Then, with the gathering foot, I attached my frills to the peignoir, without ruffling it first! Do you even know how much time and nerves I saved with this cute babe??

 And this is where I stop for today...
I have to cut out new frills...the three meter frills were eaten by this peignoir already...
then sew the cuffs, do something with the the front...and I am finished.. XD

See another detail shot of the ruffs :3

and now my bed and university tomorrow are calling...!
Good night!
There will be a peignoir tutorial at the end of the sessions :3


Saturday, 29 March 2014

new haircolour and make-up book

Hello lovelies,

I went to the hairdresser yesterday (from 9am to 4pm,....yes..8h..) to dye my hair. It took so long because the hairdresser, P., didn't want to colour my hair in one go and ruin it. And therefore he did it in three different goes with conditioner in between the colouring sessions.
It already had different shades of brown and black in it...

It's not blonde blonde, as in white blond, or yellow blond but rather a nice gyaru caramel seen in this japanese hime gyaru:

And my new make-up book arrived, finally! I ordered it in November!
It is a very good special effects makeup book and it's fantastic! I really want to do some things from here...
There are four chapters:
  1. basic make-up, cuts, gashes and scars
  2. Masks
  3. Making Molds
  4. Practical application
and an appendix. It has 136 pages and is full coloured.

It is a very amazing book!


Thursday, 20 March 2014

High-waist skirt tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I made a new tutorial for a lolita high-waist skirt.

Please don't put it on tumblr, rather reblog it from my site 

The zip part is a bit tricky and not very well described...
but if you have questions, ask away!

more ideas:
  • You can put some more frills on top. Or on the sides. There is no limit
  • Instead of buttons, use small ribbons
  • Do the skirt and the frill in two different colours!


Sunday, 16 March 2014


Hello lovelies,

instead of writing a paper due tomorrow I will update my blog. I still have enough time to write it. It's only Sunday evening *cough*.

My friend D. celebrated her birthday yesterday in our most favourite cocktail bar in Vienna. It was such a fine evening and I had the chance to talk to people with whom I have never talked more than a short "Hi!". That was refreshing and very interesting.

Before going to the party I went for a present hunt at Mariahilferstraße, a huge shopping street in Vienna, located in my favourite district and recently voted to become a car-free zone. Happy!!
Then for lunch I went with M-S to a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant.
The food was so delicious and the waitresses and the one waiter were very friendly! The only thing I didn't like was when I requested chili for my food. They gave me chilipaste to put on it myself instead of adding fresh chili directly in the food.

M-S. and me infront of the Restaurant. He recently coloured his hair and I want a similar colour but more ash-coloured and not that ginger.

Looking at the pictures from yesterday, one can't really imagine how I look now while studying;
- less make-up, -glasses, -unruly hair in a pony tail, -all in black and in two sweaters to ward off the cold....

This is the Orsay dress I wrote about last time! I love it!
I am currently trying to find fabric with that kind of pattern to sew my own dresses but it is impossible! I can't find anything. That's so sad!
This picture was out of focus...I didn't soften it at all...
Although it looks like a put a lot of filter over it..

You really see the different hair colour I have. Nearly black at the top, dark brown in the middle and then a lighter brownish-red in the tips..It has a very ombre touch to it.

The full outfit with my new bag from "Restyle" without the shoes (because I was not allowed to wear them on the floor :P).

And this is the full order!
The bag, the harness?, and my corset. I already tried on the latter one and I think it's too big for me again. Not big as in wide but as in too long. My body is very short...

And to study again..meh meh


Monday, 10 March 2014


Hello lovelies,

I am currently working on a peignoir (see through nightgown) because I got into cult party kei. OTL
This is most unfortunate because I anyway love so many different fashion styles and I really don't want to spend more money on new ones.
And a simple peignoir is about 40€ on etsy (with shipping to Austria, which alone is 10€. Damn the high charges.) and therefore I decided to do my own.
I bought fabric in Kritzendorf (all hail Kritzendorf, I got 3m for 6€) and made the pattern on Friday.
Saturday was a lazy day but I started sewing today and got pretty far already, even though I didn't sew more than 2h.

This is the pattern I used; sleeves, cuffs and front/back.
To get those puffy sleeves I cut the pattern of the sleeves in half and put them on the fabric with 50cm width difference.

It looks so tiny because I am so small, but it actually goes to my knees! To make it a bit longer I will add ruffles (hooray!) with a length of 10-15cm.

The seam. A normal stitch followed by a huge zig-zag stitch.

2 layers of a blurry cuff.

This is my long and very puffy sleeve. It goes down until after my ellbow.

And this is how it looks with the cuff sewed on. I have to admit, I was too lazy to do this today and therefore it is hold only by pins. But you don't see them at all! Amazing.

I already got some asks to do a tutorial and I definitely will! It is very easy and the outcome is just amazing. I can't wait to wear it and compare it with the peignoir I bought. (I am a very weak human being. But at least it was "only" 17€ with shipping.)

Talking about shopping... did I show you the most amazing dress I every found in Orsay?

Front, Back plus a detailed shot of the flowers. I feel like a painting when I wear the dress *_*
I hope I'll find a good occasion soon so that I can wear it!

The other things I got on this shopping day was mainly cosmetics.
I read some really good review on Smashbox so I got their "try it kit". I hope to "try it" very soon :).
The other items are a Marionnaud nail polish, two art deco camouflage, a cleansing milk from douglas, a cream from biotherm and a white make-up pen by NYX. I decided to buy it after pretty good reviews on tumblr. And because of the's called Cottage cheese.

Then, yesterday in the evening I bought a lot of stuff on ebay and on Friday I finally bought my waist training corset. It's from "What Katie did". It will arrive in 4 weeks (or less, I hope..) and I am truly excited.
So..the new waiting list:

  • two ribbon belts from ebay (blue and apricot)
  • two hair ribbon in pink from ebay
  • one black dress with a bow at the back from ebay
  • one corset from what katie did
  • three items from restyle (one corset, one body strap and a bag)
  • four thread boxes from ebay
  • one wig from ebay
  • 15 sewing machine feet from ebay
  • 3 punch tools from ebay

Sorry for the long post!