Sunday, 26 February 2017

floral lolita dress

Hello lovelies,

this blog is not dead. I was just super busy in February. I made my diploma and I am officially a social media manager now. Wuhu. My paper was due on the 19th of February and I was writing like mad. But now I finally have the time to blog again and I even finished my floral lolita dress yesterday.

My sewing pattern was from an otome no sewing magazine. I can't remember the number but I think it was from the first issue.
I made the pattern for the top but cut the skirt in one huge rectangle.
Of course my cat thought it was a good idea to sit on my fabric, as always. I understand her interest in my fabric but it doesn't help if she keeps attacking my scissors.

This was my pattern for the top. I folded the fabric so that one big flower would be directly in the middle of the front part.

And it worked out! At that point I already had sewed together the top part. The skirt is in pleats because it was easier to handle on the doll. I made those pleats without a ruler and just my eye measurements and it worked out really well. Yey!
The skirt looks really short but that's intentional because I wanted to add ruffles to it.

Close-up of the top part.

For the top part I tried out three different laces and this style. In my head it looked nice. Well, it didn't in real life.
The top looked really granny styled with it so I kicked the idea in the trash and continued with normal lace.

This was the second lace I tried, I didn't even take picture of the first one. I left it like that for a few days until I realized I didn't want that style either. So lace number three makes its appearance in a few pictures.

But first the skirt part.
I am so sorry for the bad pictures quality. I tend to quickly snap a picture with my mobile phone instead of doing it with the real camera.
Here I had already added the bottom frill part and the lace.

This is how it would have looked like with the top frills but I didn't like how random it looked like. I set it down a few centimetres.

I added some more lace to the top frill part and added a belt. I later kicked the belt part and directly connected top and skirt part.

The frills looked so nice in this position. /random

Afterwards I sewed the lace on the dress I cut the top part to leave only this ~5mm seam.

Here the lace has been set down already but I still didn't like it. So a few cm down it went again...and then I was finally satisfied.

I then chose to use the same lace for the skirt and top. I hand sewed it to the top because I thought it looked nicer. Also, I could hide the stitches.

I did the same for the skirt part. I thought I would sit for ages but it didn't really take long.

There are no pictures of the waist ties, it seems like I totally forgot about them...oops. They are detachable and held with a small white heart-shaped button.
Things I didn't take pictures of:
the lining
the waist ties

And here are pictures of the finished dress.

How do you like the dress?
All the best,


Sunday, 5 February 2017

Connichi lolita 2016

Hello lovelies,

my friend uploaded two pictures of our mini photo shooting at Connichi 2016.
To be honest I already forgot about these. But I tend to forget a looooot of stuff.
So anyway, here they are:

The dress is from Quaint lass and it is called Rosée Matinale.
I wore a pullover over the dress constantly because it was so cold. But to be fair, it was already the warmest convention day. The pullover is from Liz lisa. The shoes and the socks are from Bodyline. I bought the bonnet second hand but I think it was from an unknown taobao brand. My hair looked awful that day so I wore my favourite (and only) Lockshop wig.

Have a nice day,


Monday, 23 January 2017

Victorian underskirt

Hello lovelies,

I finished another underskirt. This will be worn between the corset and the corded petticoat.
I started the petticoat back in 2016 but I always work on so many different projects at the same time, it is hard to keep track of all the things I start. Most of the time I look at the time stamp on my camera to get the start date.

The whole skirt is made out of a white cotton fabric.

I run out of these so many times so I made a batch. Ha.

There are no pictures on how I cut the least I couldn't find any. So I made the skirt out of three different panels; one huge front and two smaller back pieces. Actually I remember it was two pieces at fist but I cut one in half and sewed it together again. It is easier to do the back with that technique, I think.

The skirt was super plain but I wanted to make it look a bit fancier. Therefore I added three tucks randomly.

Oh and cotton lace of course. At that point I had already finished the seam.

When the skirt part was done I made the belt and I was done. It really doesn't take long to sew a skirt like that. I always wonder afterwards why I take so long.

I used gross grain ribbon again for the waist tie. It works best for me.

And this is how it looks like with a chemise and my corset. I again wanted pictures of everything after I ate a big dinner. Great. But at least it looks decent.

All the best,


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Larme kei coords

Hello lovelies,

I have a few coords to share again but I will only post the first two, so the post won't get too long.
Both outfits are larme coordinates.

The skirt is either from primark or from forever 21, I am not so sure. I bought the top ages ago from a chinese shop. I think the choker was from primark.
I like this outfit and in general the combination pink and black. Or pink and white. Everything with pastel and black or white.
Reblog it from tumblr

The second coordinate is all in black. I wanted to go for an e hyphen world gallery bonbon or Risa Nakamura look. The hair is a little bit messy though because of the strong wind and snow we had that day.
The dress is from Terranova and the rest is either another brand I forgot or offbrand.
The tumblr post can be found here. 

All the best,


Thursday, 12 January 2017

Corded Petticoat

Hello lovelies,

no matter if I sew historical fashion or cosplay, I always start with the undergarments. My corset is done already so next in line was a corded petticoat. I went through my data to collect all pictures and noticed that I started this petticoat in May 2016. And it's January 2017 now. At least I finished it now, I guess?
For the skirt I used two layers of cotton fabric and pushed twist cord between it.
The problem with this project is that the skirt is too wide or the cord was too stiff. It gives the desired effect of flaying the skirt but I feel that it would have been better if the skirt was narrower.

I used my zipper foot to sew right next to the cord. What I did is just sew all around the skirt. It took a while and I run out of cord two times.

The measurements were almost 2 meter at the top.

To be honest, I only started new lines because I run out of cord and wanted to start new. Also I thought it wouldn't be that stiff if I left a few centimeters free now and then.

In between I dressed up my doll. I don't know why the skirt looks better here but I guess it has to do with the pleats.

And here is a good comparison between a petticoat with and without corded petticoat.It looks a lot more puffier and rounder.
What I did next is continue sewing the cords, then do the pleats and add the waist tape.
The back is closed with gross grain ribbon.

It keeps the skirt flared but I am not that happy with the project (again). It looks so much better with the larger pleats...

Cost: 6 euro for the fabric. I am not sure how many meters of cord was used but I bought four more packs to the two I had so about 6 packs of cord making it about 13 euro.
Time needed: over the span of 8 months maybe...20 hours? I have no idea.
Satisfaction: 3/5
I don't like how wobbly it is.

All the best,