Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Nippon Nation and Austrian Harajuku Fashion walk

Hello lovelies,

I haven't posted since 12th of July and that's weird because I thought I made a post about buyee and my other parcels. Maybe they are still in the drafts, I have to search for them.

Meanwhile, I wanted to blog about Nippon Nation, a fairly new convention in Vienna. Last year it was held in the Technical University at Karlsplatz near Vienna and this year it was held at Museumsquartier.
Location: To be honest, I liked Karlsplatz as a location. You had the beautiful church, Karlskirche, right under your nose, and a big fountain. There was a park too and even though it was a touristy spot, it was not filled with people. The con itself stretched over a few floors of the university and sometimes you really could get lost in there (finding the changing room was tricky).
The new location was filled with tourists and locals alike, taking pictures without asking and staring blandly at the colourful cosplays. I didn't feel good because I felt more like a tourist attraction than anything. The inside of the location was wonderful, it had a nice baroque feeling to it. It was super hot outside and inside it was very cool, my friend got a little sick because of that.

Shops: The shops had everything, from plush kitties to anime/manga merchandise. But I always have the feeling that most of the time, the convention has similar merchandise (attack on titan key chains, kuroshitsuji rings, final fantasy necklace, etc..). The artist alley was small but they had a lot of cute stuff. M. bought a lot of buttons and I got a time-turner necklace.

Program: There was no program in the con book. That was super weird. I really looked for it and probably turned the book upside down but there was no schedule. All the workshops and contests were in the book but there it didn't say at which time. Nor did I know where to find that information, so I didn't see the cosplay contest or any workshop I was interested in.
The only program point I knew (from facebook) was the Austrian Harajuku Fashion walk 2015 and this is why I came to the convention on Saturday in my cult party kei outfit. It started at 2pm and we all gathered outside. But there were difficulties because the one appointed to take the video didn't appear. So we waited some more and after nearly half an hour he came and we could start.
We went from Museumsquartiert to the Kunst- and Naturhistorisches Museum, crossed the streets and went to Burggarten, from there to Albertina and then back to Museumquartier.
The weather forecast didn't look good and the woman who organised it, planned to only walk for 15 minutes but the weather was hot and didn't look rainy at all so we went for almost half an hour. There were also photographers accompanying us and at the Viennese Opera we did a group picture. I think we were about 25-30 people.
Here are some pictures of my outfit and make-up:

I wore a vintage peignoir from etsy over and Angelic Pretty dress, a lockshop wig and white garterless stocking from Palmers, and white shoes from Primark with queenbee shoeclips. Everything else is offbrand.

Picture by Lukas Fuchs

Picture by Simone Frostklang

Picture by Bibi from Pastelpinkworld
Actually I also wanted to attend the convention on Sunday in my Captain America haute couture dress but I was so not motivated Sunday morning. So I spent the day at home (Matthias and Zen went to the con) and packed my belongings because I was to travel to Munich with Zen on the next day.

So, next entry will be about Munich (or..selfies from Munich because I didn't really do much there either)

Have a nice week,


Sunday, 12 July 2015

Swankiss earrings review

Hello lovelies,

it is time for a very short review.

I got these adorable Swankiss earrings in my lucky pack/fukubukuro in December but never wore them until today.

I think they are super cute. They have a pink satin lining and the white fur around it is very fluffy and I suspect it is real fur? I am not really sure though.
One earring says Swankiss in silver letters and the other one angel with a pink hear on a cross with wings. They are blank on the other side.
The material of the hook is very cheap and after 6h of wearing the earrings, my ears started to itch very bad, even though I don't usually suffer from any nickel or allergies like that. After coming home I took them off but now, after 6 hours of not wearing them anymore, they still itch.

I can't really recommend them but I will try to use the nail polish trick and hopefully they won't itch anymore.
So, all in all, I can only give 1 out of 5 stars.

Enjoy your week,


Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Summer sale

Hello lovelies,

Innocent world started their summer sale today and I was pleased to find one of my dream dresses on their sales pages and it was -30%. Hooray. They didn't have it in blue anymore but chocolat was okay too.

I also bought these cute stockings...

and matching tights for the dress.

 They only had white and black left so I took the white one, even though I wanted blue. But I think they will match..?

Liz lisa also had summer sale but the site I wanted to order my stuff from, didn't take my credit card. I called my bank and they said, it should work, so I didn't know what to do. So now Liz lisa stuff for me :(.

But Swankiss also had an amazing sale and I could get the shoes and the pullover I wanted for a long time now. While my things from Innocent world are yet to be approved from the site (cross your fingers for me), the swankiss stuff was immediately shipped to Tenso and then to me. It was a matter of a couple of days.
The strawberry sweater in this colour. I LOVE IT.

And those are the fluffy glitter shoes.

I will report back when I get my items for a small review!

Have a nice week,


Monday, 6 July 2015

Made in Japan Saturday

Hello lovelies,

last weekend was made in Japan in Wiener Neustadt and like every year, it was super hot and humid.
Patrick picked Ryo and me up and we drove there in under an hour. Somehow we made jokes about this being far away while for other people, two and a half hours driving is pretty close.

We didn't buy a ticket beforehand and an entrance ticket for this day was 14€ for students and 18€ for regular, working people. It was before 11am and the sun was already burning hot. We roamed around and I bought a cute little hamster for water glasses as a present for my sister. She is all crazy about her new hamster "Percy".

Patrick and I watched the panel about EVA foam with Isabelle cosplay which was very informative but I have the feeling, there is so much more to learn and those 30mins were too short.

There was a maid cafe this year and they had a really good looking special with dry ice which made huge bubbles in the liquid and left a mist on top.

But really, there was nothing else to do and we missed the Indolero tea shop, which was always part of that convention.

I wore my cross Ange Cosplay again and even though it was bellyfree, I was sweating so much under the top. So after 4h of wandering around, I got a slight headache (which got worse and didn't stop until the next day, despite me drinking water all day) and we decided to go.
I didn't meet a lot of my friends and only when we went to the exit, I found two of my friends just entering. (I think it was about 2-3pm then).

There will be better pictures once I am in Munich and I will have a photoshooting but for now, those are all the pictures I have...

more legs, more boobs, plus double chin. Yey XD'
And a selfie. tadaaaah. This was actually done for Matthias who is currently in the USA and went to Anime Expo the same days (only 9h later..XD).

After I came home, I started playing Assassin's creed revelations and to my surprise I finished it on Sunday, after less than 15h. And yes, I almost played 10h on Sunday. I am home alone and bored. Even though I wanted to clean.


Wednesday, 1 July 2015

short wip

Hello lovelies,

this will be just a short update because there is still not much to show.

Sylph cosplay
Normally, when I sew round edges, they don't turn out well. But this time I was going slow and I used a small stitch and it worked out super fine.

 This is the full length of the sleeve. It looks bigger than irl.

Detail shot. These are pre-glued flatbacks in gold, 5mm. I used my iron to glue them on and it worked perfectly. I tried to scratch one off and to test if it would come off easily, but I couldn't tear it off the fabric, which is a big plus (and a big minus if I ever misplace them.. )

Hetalia video project (I am still unsure about the name, maybe Austria and Europe or sth like that)
I started doing a renaissance shirt for Austria, I cut out strip of fabrics for the Elizabethan Ruff and I also cut out the fabric for a Farthingale, for Hungary (probably).

Laura, who plays Austria, helped me with this pattern because I was utterly confused with the instruction. I wanted a 3m wide hem but it didn't really work out without adding too many folds so we made it to be 2,5m. The next step will be to pin them all together.

Have a nice weekend,


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

New Project introduction

Hello lovelies,

I already hinted in some of my last few entries about my new projects and now I am able to finally write something about it.
Some of you may know that I am a huge Hetalia fan, since...maybe 5-4 years now and I came up with the idea to do a cosplay video (without the music though) with my own Hetalia stories revolving around Austria, because duh, I live in Austria, study (Austrian) history and I breath Austrian history every single day.
To be honest, the only real thing it will have in common with Hetalia is the personification of the countries/a specific area, their characters and their looks. I am writing my own stories and anecdotes about Austria's history with the neighbouring countries. All of the clothes are my own design, based on historical research because I find the clothing of the Hetalia series to be very, very inaccurate. I am not only designing them, I am also sewing them and therefore I have even less time to make my cosplays. But that doesn't worry me because I am not really into anime atm and I would rather sew cosplays from artwork I like (Sakizo, Disney, etc) or series (like Penny dreadful. I love Vanne Ives dresses, or Lucrezia from the Borgias, etc).

Yesterday was the first of many filming days. I plan to do one filming day a month, so the project will go on very slow. This is due to the timetable of all my friends. My friends and I will all play 2-3 characters (because we are so few and there are so many countries) and not everyone has time at the same time.
So, the first filming took place with Matthias, Laura, Patrick and me. We had Austria, the Roman empire and Hungary/Magyar planned for the first episode which revolves around Austria's youth. I will not make it in any chronological order because I will always find new anecdotes and therefore I will jump through the years.
Here are some of the costumes I made:

Austria, early medieval
Rich men could afford more fabric and therefore their tunic were longer. I totally missed doing those leg wrappings but one can't see the legs most of the time anway? It has a gold, woven band as a trim. Over the red tunic came a brown, pinned cloak. A black long belt (bit too wide, should have been more narrow) and a black leather pouch completes the assemble.
We had different shoes (see the last picture) but we kinda forgot to put them on. orz

Baby Austria
It's just a long white dress with a blue cloak. The cloak has a white trimming while the white dress/tunic has a manly pink stitching. 


  Very earth coloured with light and dark green, brown  and gold. Only the tunic underneath and the trousers are white/beige/ecru.

I am working on the next few scenes and once I have 3-4 and a proper opening, I will publish the first part on youtube.

Have a nice week,


Saturday, 20 June 2015

June ootd/coord

Hello lovelies,

it's already June and I am super busy. Tomorrow is the first try out for a video project I already had a mind for over a year and  therefore I am very excited.
There are a lot of new sewing projects but I don't have any pictures yet. But I want to share some outfit of the days and coord.

Last weekend I went to a 50s-60s party. I really  like the music of that time but I also know, that I'd never want to have lived at that time. There is still so much racism, sexism and homophobia but it got better and we went a long way from the 50s. So I rather enjoy the fashion and music from them but in my time, thanks a lot.

Front and back of my hair! It's all messy but it was my first try and I think I did well.
Also, see the cute penguin earphones? Aren't they just the cutest?
I made the dress myself btw, back in 2012. see the entry here

Then last Tuesday I met my mother for lunch. We went for some asian food at Akakiko but I was not very fond of their bento boxes. In all other asian restaurants, they serve bento boxes with sushi or maki, and/or spring rolls or other goodies. But at Akakiko I had Bulgogi bento, with Bulgogi, three different kind of salad (I really dislike salad), rice and a mini (bought) cupcake. And they are the most expensive asian chain around. I then remembered why my last time at Akakiko was last year.
I wore my skirt for the first time and even though I gained so much way in the past year, I still managed to fit in...somehow. Urgh. The gym is calling again.
Skirt: Empress Eugénie by Rose Trianon
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Fascinator/Hat: Bodyline
Jewelry: Bijou Brigit/Offbrand

On Wednesday, Matthias and I went for food in Vienna's pride house, the "Rosa-Lila Villa". The restaurant called "Willendorf" has excellent food and drinks. I ate white fish with a pumpkin seed coating. Afterwards I ate Topfenschmarrn with apricots and it was super delicious too. They also have some nice cocktails and the one with blackberry reminded me of a drink I drank as a child (without alcohol though) called Ribena. I have no idea if it's still on the market but I have the urge to buy and drink it again.
Dress: Dramatic Rose by Angelic pretty (I am still in need of a better petticoat...)
Blouse: Angelic pretty
Rest: offbrand

Today was the Regenbogenparade (gay pride parade in Vienna, but literally translates to rainbow parade) and I went there with a few friends but the weather was horrible because it rained, stopped, sunshine, rain. I try to be at the parade every year. It is always a blast.
Austria always tries to presents herself as such a liberal and open country for homosexuals but let me tell you, she is far from it. Homosexual people can't get married, they are sometimes ridiculed in public for holding hands or kissing their significant other and families cut off their offspring because they can't live with them being homosexual. But hey, at least we had homosexual and heterosexual traffic lights and now everybody is happy. Not.

Dress: Flower Garrett Juliet Long OP by Baby the stars shine bright
shoes: DreamV
The rest is offbrand.
It was so cold I wrapped my scarf around my shoulders because I didn't really have a matching bolero or jacket. I am still in need of a nice one.
The first picture was made when I was still in my pyjamas. I am not satisfied with the outcome of the hairdo but it was sufficient. I wanted to do a rococo inspired hairdo for that outfit to make it more rococo like but I think in the end my hair rather reminded me of an Edwardian hairdo. Oh well.

Have a wonderful weekend,


Saturday, 6 June 2015

random post

 Hello lovelies,

So much happened the past few weeks, and I will just try to keep it short.

It seems like I got my appetite again and so I am baking and cooking again. I did really miss it. Eating sweets or eating out at restaurants were going on my nerves already.
 I love my table griller. Best present ever!

 Look at those selfmade burger and fries. Omnomnom

I also made raspberry muffins last tuesday because I was craving them since Sunday. They have a sugar coating, which is very, very sweet but the raspberries in the middle are a bit sour, so the taste was well balanced.

 Last week on Saturday, I went to primark and finally got shoes. They are one size too big but that doesn't matter. I finally got them. I have been wanting those shoes since Japan and was angry at myself for not having bought them.

Fantastic, blogspot turned the picture And I have no idea how to return to default. Apart from the shoes I bought pink hangers, a pink flower crown, hair elastics, facial wipes and a chiffon shirt.

I tried working with worbla again and while small stuff look really good, bigger stuff just won't. At least now I now, I am able to do a flower and a flowery bracelet but not a breast armour. That's okay. I like sewing better anyway. (AND IT IS WAY CHEAPER)

 The bracelet has a hearts and roses on them.
And below is a flower I also made out of worbla.

Have a nice week!


Friday, 5 June 2015

Bumroll tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I have a huge video project coming up and for that reason I need a lot of different, male and female period costumes.
For startes I made a cute bumroll because I wanted something quick and easy.
You will need:
  • your outer fabric of choice
  • a filling, I used old fabric scaps
  • ribbon, 2x 50cm

That was my pattern. No idea why blogspot turned around the picture.
The inner circle of the pattern is the measurement a bit below my waist minus 10cm. From that measuremnt, if you don't do a full circle, divide it to half. So my inner circle was 70cm - 10cm = 60cm, 1/2 --> 30cm inner circle

My top was 10 cm and the side was 7,5cm. I am only 156cm tall and my waist and hips are not that big, so this bumroll is already quite something for me. If you are taller and have a bigger waist, just try out what suits you and maybe also make it a bit bigger.
My sewing allowance is 1cm.

Cut out the pattern two times.

Cut your ribbon in two pieces á 50cm and pin them onto your fabric. Be careful that it only touches the seam were you pinned it.

Now lay the other side of your bumroll onto the other one and pin it. 

It is not very visible but in the inner circle I left a space of about 10cm. This will not be sewn because you need to stuff your filling from there. 

Cut your edges. 

Then turn it inside out and you are nearly done.

Stuff your bumroll now with whatever scraps you find or  your filling of choice.

And now only one thing is left to do...close the bumroll and voila, you are done!

I don't have a picture of the finished and worn bumroll, but I hope this tutorial was helpful.
If you have any questions or remarks, just comment on the post below.

Edit 08.06.15
I finally made some pictures!!

It's a bit wrinkly because I used fabric instead of filling.

Have a lovely weekend,