Thursday, 18 December 2014

How to book an appointment at arujyansu

Hello lovelies,

Arujyansu is a very popular hair dresser, located in Japan. They also do extensions and are therefore really popular with gyarus.
It's actually pretty easy to book an appointment even if you don't know any Japanese at all.

Go to their Homepage
Then click on the menu point "Salon"

Now all salons in Japan are listed. If you are in Tokyo I recommend the Shibuya salon. All the others are not in Tokyo.
See the locations above for each studio.
1) See my translation next to the Kanji.
2) Or hover your mouse over the Kanji and you can see at the bottom of your page (I use firefox) where the store is located.

I clicked on Shibuya.
This is the shibuya page. Click on the highlighted button. It will take you directly to the reservation page.

This looks a bit intimidating, but fear not. You can either use google translate (which is a bit hilarious) or, if you don't know yet what you want, you can first go to their Hair-menu card and then choose.

That's what it looks like with google translate. You need to know three things:
1) which length you want. There are 4 lengths (as seen in the menu)
2) How many gram of hair you want. It comes in 110g, 80g, 30g, 20g, and single.
3) straight or curly (I recommend straight. You can still curl your extensions if you want to)

Once you have decided click on the pink button on the right hand side. Now is the time to choose a date and time for your appointment. The circle indicates that this time and date is still available. If there is an X then this time and date is already booked. If you want to book further ahead, press the top right button and it will deliver the next time and dates.
Now, choose and click a circle.

This will take you straight to the registration form (And when the registration is complete, it will take you back again).
Click the highlighted pink button for new registration.

Type in your email address where I wrote "example". It should be a full email address like ""
Then click the pink button underneath.
You should now get an Email from Hot Pepper Beauty to your address. If you got it in your mail, click this link to continue.

It will open in a new window and you can actually already close the other one.
This link will take you directly to another registration form. You will need either a keyboard which can write Katakana or you can search for a katakana converter on google, because you need to type in your Name and Surname both times in Katakana. The program will not take Roman alphabet.

In the first box, type in your password. Then retype it in the second box.
In the next four boxes, your type in your surname and then your name in katakana and then repeat underneath.
There is a drop down menu for your birth date.
Choose your gender and then choose a nickname. This can be any name and it can be in the roman alphabet.
In the next box, give in your phone number. I put it in with my country code (0043 for Austria or +43)

You can untick the next boxes or leave it. And then click the bottom button and confirm the data.

This should pop up now. If this doesn't show, then you did something wrong and try it again.
Click the pink button again. (Tired of saying that already XD)

In the first box will be your telephone number, if there is not, type it in again.
The second box asks if this is your first time, click on what I highlighted red. If you already went there before, then click the other one I didn't highlight.
It's also important that you click the third box, without it, you can not continue.
Then click the pink button again (Japanese love pink..?)

Almost done with the registration (HOORAY)
Here you can check again the time and date you booked and what menu you chose. (nearly done now :) ) then press the pink button.

If this page shows up, you are done with the registration and you have successfully booked your appointment! Rejoice!

How to cancel
Now, if anything happens and you can't make it to the appointment, please cancel it. It is very rude if you don't! (And not just with Japanese people...!)
You go directly to the homepage of Hot Pepper Beauty. There are links on the top right hand side and you click on "My page" which I highlighted in red for you. This will bring you to the site I screenshoted.
Now click on the button I again highlighted. This means, that you want to cancel the appointment.

They show you the data again and you click on the right bottom, not the left.
You have now successfully cancelled your appointment!

If there are any questions left, just click the pink button..
I am just kidding! :D
I know, somewhere in between you will be redirected to another site, so don't worry if it takes a bit longer and there is only some kanji on the screen.

Enjoy your stay at Arujyansu.


Wednesday, 17 December 2014

random update

Hello lovelies,

christmas in coming nearer and I took part in the Lolita gift exchange hosted by Lolita-Tips on Tumblr. My present is already on its way to Great Britain and I really hope it won't get lost. And that the person likes my present! As for now, I didn't get my gift yet but there is still some time.

In 10 days I'll be in Japan again, after a 5 years. I am already super excited and making lists about what to take, which bag to take, which dresses to take and etc. We already planned to go shopping for fukubukuro in Laforet on the 1st and on the 2nd of January we will be in Shibuya109.
Bibi and I already booked an appointment at the hairdresser for our exentions for the 29th of December. We also plan to go to Disneyland on the 4th of 5th because they will hold a new year special event. Hooray!

Last Saturday I went shopping with Matthias. I dressed up a little because I felt like it but it became a bit more than I wanted...

My shoes are so filthy again. I really have to throw them away soon.
And although we didn't buy anything, we spent a fair amount of time Leiner (a furniture and household store). For our shared flat we still need a few things; a new sofa or Granndy chair for me, a dressing table and a new computer (my old one died in August). After that we went to the Pure living bakery, my favourite coffee-tea shop in Vienna. And they had ice-cream, and all of them were christmas themed! I got "Bratapfel" (baked apple) and "Zwetschkenröster" (sth. liked stewed plums) and both of them were super tasty.
 They even had a waffle-person! So cute!

And here I am biting its head off. I am a mean titan, kekeke.
Can anyone recommend me a better hairspray? As you can see, my hair nearly lost all of its curls after only 4h. That's annoying.

And now some random pictures I made this week:
I am always trying to create something with my hair but most of the time it's just some random updo. But I really liked this idea. I was a mermaid!

Last Sunday I had a family lunch and after the food we went to a store called "Brass Monkey" in Vienna and they served delicious cupcakes and hot chocolate. The hot chocolate is made out of real chocolate they chop into small pieces and disolve in milk. It was so delicious! And this was my apple-mango filled cupcake with white chocolate topping.

I have the feeling, that people want to stuff us and eat us at work. They always give us sweets, cookies and chocolate. But thanks so much. We will gladly eat it but we are not okay with us in the oven! :P

All the best,


Friday, 12 December 2014

random selfies and new stuff

Hello lovelies,

Look what I found at a Christmas market in Vienna!!

I challenged myself to a Harry Potter re-reading this year and I forgot just how good the books were. And now I'm in a crazy Harry Potter phase again. It is lovely. And the necklace was only 5€.

There is a 90% chance that I if I cut my bangs alone I screw up.

I managed to screw up again this time and therefore my bands are too short again! Only when they are really flat, they nearly go to my eyebrows. Just my talent.

This was from Sunday. I went to a friend's birthday party in my favourite bar.

We had smurf and strawberry shots and I really liked the latter.

I also got my shell hair accessories from Rose wholesale. They told me, they would send random colours and I got three yellow ones. That is just bad luck because I don't have anything in yellow nor do I like the colour.
The shell is made out of hard plastic and I'll probably throw glitter over it or paint it. Let's see...

Only 16 more days until I board the plane and fly to Tokyo. I haven't been there since 2009 and I am really excited. I already made a huge DreamV order and sent it to my Aunt because shipping in Japan is much cheaper than international shipping.
So, this is what I got:
One wintercoat in pink with ruffles at the back and pocket in front!!

This dress in navy (the right one). I really liked navy the best because it had the most visible contrast between the white lace.

Princess shoes in beige. I really think they are super cute. But I already bought shoes from DreamV and their overall quality was quite bad. I only hope these shoes survive more than one winter.

All the shoes have such a wonderful colour but in the end I took the two shoes on the right, in rose and white. As mentioned before, I hope the quality is okay.

I have a 13h shift tomorrow with a 1h lunchbreak and a 1,5h break in between two jobs. I will be so dead.

All the best,


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

New and first Project in 2015

Hello lovelies,

no real update on anything sewing or cosplay related but I decided on a new project. This first project in 2015 will be a 1450s~1470s Burgundian court dress. During that time, Burgund was the court in Europe and everyone tried to follow their fashion.
For more information, this is an excellent paper: Burgundian Costume By Lady Lyonnete Vibert (Marie Vibbert)

This is how the medieval dresses were layered:

The Gown
I also want a red gown, with the above look: A dress with V shaped neckline and a long trail at the back. The trimming will be made out of black or gray fake fur.

As for the kirtle, it will be green/silver, as seen on the picture above. I also want to use the wide belt shown on that picture. The first picture of the belt was too small for my taste.

My plaket should be black too. Bright colours were very popular. 

 As for the jewelry, I don't know yet. I still have to search for a nice necklace, but I really do like this necklace depicted in the picture. 

I will go for a Hennin (Those conical hats).
Very good ressource for more infos on medieval headdresses:
And this is a hennin tutorial and how you pin it to your head: How to wear a hennin 

I definitely won't do them myself.  But I have yet a vendor to find who provides shoes for my tiny size 35/36 feet. Any suggestions are appreciated! :)

I have some fabric in mind already. They are from a czech shop called Sartor and they have amazing prices. And pretty all of the reviews are good, so I will definitely order my fabric at their shop.
For the gown I will probably have this fabric when its available again.
red fabric with golden ornaments
I really can't find another good vendor (in Europe |D). Suggestions?

and last but not least,

a very good ressource for medieval fabric and colour is Communitas Monacensis (German only)

All the best,


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Annual japanese flea market

Hello lovelies,

still no new sewing projects to write about. Therefore a short text about the event I went to last weekend.

Once a year the Japanese school in Vienna holds a flea market. It's always in mid-November. Parents of the kids donate stuff to the school and you are able to buy them. And like on every other flea market the items range from crap to jewels. There is also a section were you can buy Japanese or English books for only a few euros.
the bottom right area is the book and cd and dvd section

 I think the most expensive thing there is the food. You pay 4€ for a portion of curry rice. There are three different kinds of curry (mild, medium hot, and hot) and my Sister, E. and I took hot. This time it was really spicy! What I just thought was a bit unnecessary was when they weighed the rice portion on a small scale. Yes, let's not give foreigners more than they deserve?

They also had a small food booth with mini cookies and cakes.

I bought matcha cookies, six tiny matcha cookies for 2€. I also got two Onigiri for 2€ and then found out that they didn't have any filling. Boooooring.

So this is the stuff I bought:
Cute baking forms, Onigiri cutter, rabbit plates and two balls for keeping your food fresh.

It comes in three different forms: bear, heart, and star.

They are so cuuute.

And then I got a few plates (I think they were 4):
My sister kindly named them granny plates while giving them to me. Püüüh.

Details of the plate. I like the floral design.

I also bought a brown straw bag with lace which is not on the picture. All in all, I paid 11€ for these items. Good deal!

If you plan go to the next flea market in 2015, here is a piece of advise:
The opening time is at 10:30 (or 10:00, I have the feeling it changes yearly) be there at least half an hour earlier. 45min would be even better.  I'm not joking. They only let in a few people at a time (before opening the school for all after 60mins) and the first people in line of course get the best stuff.
I was there 30min before the start and as you can see, the queue is already long. But we were with the second group who were allowed to enter.

All the best,
and please cross your fingers for me because I have an exam on Friday....