Wednesday, 13 August 2014

One Pattern done, one more to go plus shopping review

Hello lovelies,

I finally have pictures of the fabric I bought. I really do hope, it will be enough..
This is a light woolen fabric which is amazingly soft. I really do hope it is not itchy on my skin..

This fabric is very silky and shiny. The only problem is, that it really feels oily on your skin? I do have to wash them when I got to a friend on Saturday to cut out all the pieces because my room is much too small for such amenities, like a big fucking sewing table..

The pattern for the top part is ready and I will continue today with the bottom part, which is actually just the skirt part. Afterwards I will finally start with the evening/nice dress pattern.

I want a really long trail for that dress but I fear it will not really be possible. Not for sewing but rather for practical reasons. I will be out in the wild for three days and if it rains, this dress will get so dirty and muddy, ugh..

Yesterday my package from Hong Kong arrived too! The stuff is from Harajuku fashion an online shop from Storenvy.
My shoes and my sailor moon necklace are here. I actually ordered two pairs of shoes but they didn't have the second one anymore and refunded me my money immediately.

I think they are super cute and have everything cute himekaji/cult party kei shoes need; ribbons, lace,heart shaped charm and they are pink!

I ordered them in size 37 (usually I am 36 but in China I am not XD) and they fit perfectly, no criticism there..

The sailor moon necklace looks cheap. Very cheap.

You can really see that this is a replica, the original picture in the shop looks way different...:

And I paid 23$ for that...>__>. I am not amused.

Shipping was extra and shipping plus handling took aaaaages and then it arrived in a really messed up shoe box. It was soggy and torn.

This shop only gets 2 out of 5 stars for a torn box, slow shipping and handling and an overpriced replica. I would not recommend buying in that shop....

Enough for today, I should also do some work...... at work :P


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

New Project

Hello lovelies,

the con is finished and I got myself caught up in a whole new project.
There will be a Middle-earth festival in the last August week "near" Vienna and I will be attending it for the first time ever. There will be a programm at daytime and concerts at night. I enrolled for "punzieren" (no idea what this word is in english. It's craftin motivs on leather), dagger fight and long sword fight. I actually wanted to take archery instead of punzieren but I don't know when I will arrive on Friday and therefore I wanted to be on the safe side and took the course which is only one afternoon and not the whole day.
Not only am I very excited, I am also very enthusiastic about myself some nice costumes.
I want to sew 2-3 costumes, one Tauriel like fighter costume which is inspired by Arwens riding gown.

 I want to take Arwens riding gown as base and just add the sleave part from picture number two, which is a Tauriel inspired pattern. I bought myself vambraces at Närcon and this is the reason I do not want fluffy sleeves. They'd be a horrible match.

The other dress is a more elgant one, for the evening concert. I bought the fabric yesterday and it will be made out of rose coloured velvet and silver satin. The latter dress was also inspired by one of Arwen's dresses.
I love these long sleeeves. I hope 3m are sufficient. For the pink velvet dress I bought five meters because I want a long trail.

Currently I am looking for a nice silver border for this costumes and I already have a few in mind. I will buy them when I get my paycheck :)!

I will probably upload more progress pictures in the next few weeks, because I plan to do something for the cosplay every day of the week, even after a 8,5h workshift and 60min gym. I can't be lazy now. It's better to finish these dresses asap and start the connichi outfits because time is running so fast.

Have a nice week,


Monday, 11 August 2014

Sakizou finished

Hello lovelies,

my project finally came to an end! I finished the costume! And even though I am not please with some details (VERY heavy wig, ribbons missing, small flowers, the saddle and tail not really fitting properly) I will change that when it's fotoshooting time! I didn't get to do any pictures at all on the con, except for random pictures for photographers and my dear friend Dee, who did some awesome portrait pictures for me.

The original picture by Sakizou!

My cosplay:
Those two pictures are from the official Nippon Nation Album on Facebook.   © Almasan Adrian

And then selfie time...
 Laura was doing Trachten Roderich Austria from Aph (Hetalia) and Dee and Matthias were doing Dean and 'Sam from Supernatural. Dee had wonderful sideburns, saddly they are invisible on this picture...

Slippeddee's instragram
And this is the picture Dee made from me. I actually had pink contacts but due to the filter my eyes look very reptilian..:)!

Nippon nation was a bit boring for us because we were not interested in the workshops or competition. They only show we watched was the cosplay contest on Sunday. Some groups were really really good! 

So for Sunday, that was my himegyaru outfit. I love being dressed like this so much but I didn't like peoples' comments on the street, stating it was a very ugly look. Oh I am sorry, I didn't know you were an expert on japanese fashion...
I finally wore my dreamv dress again. Last time I wore it was...2years ago? OTL The shhoes are from DreamV too, the bag is from Jesus Diamante (I really love it, but it gets yellow patches already? help...). I got the crown as a present from Matthias in Disneyland. It is very dear to me *_*!

Here is a portrait picture
I can't wait to do pictures with the costume although I have no idea how I should manage the wig again. It was very uncomfortable!

have a nice week,


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Whatever happened to my cosplay..?

Hello lovelies,

remember the cosplay I wanted to finish for Japan expo but didn't? It seems like I could finish it now for the Nippon Nation, the newest convention in Austria.
It starts in 4 days and there is still a lot to do but most of it is just details. And nobody will notice the missing details if I finish them for the grande fotoshooting. (I hope).
This is it:

 So..this is how I did stuff....
(crappy pics ahead because lazy me is lazy)
This is the to-be tail. I made a form with "Bauschaum". I have no idea what this is in English...and then I just glued the hair on it. It sounds super easy, BUT IT IS NOT BECAUSE the glue and hair sticks to everything, You have to really work neatly. Sometimes I let the glue settle with my hair dryer.

weird curls appear! I made them beforehand with lots of wire and glued them on. You can only see three but now there are a lot more on the tail. (And the big curl in front is muuuuch shorter now and looks a lot better too).
Yey for my crappy mobile camera pics.

This is the wig. It is not that full anymore and the bangs are cut correctly.

the arm thingy and the leg thingy. I didn't want to use gold paint for that but I didn't have any other choices because the 400pcs of rhinestones were not enough and I couldn't work with hot glue or normal glue. So paint it is. It doesn't look that bad but I am not satisfied a 100%. Meh.

My hand looks very dark in this picture...but yey for wristcuffs. I wanted to use an elastic band for that but it didn't turn out that flexible so now I can open and close it with buttons.
But the armcuffs are made with elastic band..(no picture here, whups) and will be held in place with a brooch.

So, things to do until Saturday:
buy lace and finish the garters
finish painting the stocking
glue roses onto the tail
finish the saddle (gold band missing)
pearls everywhere
glue/stitch satinribbon onto the shoes

as I said...details... XD

At the end of August I will attend a middle-earth festival and I am sewing elvish clothes. I want one fighter dress like Tauriel and one elf dress like Galadriel or Arwen.



I started with a vest for Tauriel and, as if I had the time, hand stitched a flower on it.

errrm, it looks a bit weird because I used crocheting yarn as I didn't have stitching yard at home (except for a butt load of different pink tones). But at least you can see that it is a flower? XD
Apart from the flower, I didn't really start yet. And my Connichi cosplays are piling up too. So I have to finish this project ASAP!


Thursday, 31 July 2014

Paris videos

Hello lovelies,

back from närcon and at work again. Being an "adult" is so boring. I'd love to pursue a more creative path in life but nope, studies and work keep me from doing so.
Well..."work"...all I do at work is sit on the computer for 8,5h, eat and sometimes hand out drinks or office material.

I finally finished my three paris videos. Part one and two are already on youtube.
They are my first real attempt at a vlog so I did a lot of mistakes but hey, at my Närcon video I learned a lot about it. And I am not saying ahhhhm every three seconds.
This is part one. It's about 30mins long (don't worry, I will shorten my videos in the future to 15mins..?)

We talk a looooot about food. And my sister told me that we didn't say Gazpacho correctly and misread it as Carpaccio. Sorry for that!
Japan Expo is also on the list and the lolita teaparty even though both only have a short segment.
Nevertheless, enjoy the video!

And this video is part two.
It's a bit shorter and only covers two days...maybe it is long for only two days...oh never mind.
Video is not working x.x 
but you can watch it by clicking on this link!

Part three is finished already but I will wait again for one or two weeks before uploading the video...
And now I have new material about Närcon! Which, btw, was one of the best conventions I ever went to.... It also has some Stockholm material and I guess I'll also do a video about Nippon Nation :).

all the best,


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Paris part 3, the trilogy has ended

Hello lovelies,

last part with the final day..... And it is all about Versailles..

We got up early again to catch the train from La Chapelle/Gare du nord to Versailles Chateau. We bought the tickets at the ticket vendore and went off.
Everything worked until we were at the station of Massy something (?) and I could get out of the station with my card but Matthias couldn't. He then sneaked himself out after me looking for somebody who worked there, but nobody was in sight...!!!
After that we wanted to enter the next train with the ticket but this didn't work either. I have no idea what went wrong but the ticket system is idiotic. Matthias went in illegally again and I waited outside, not really knowing what to do when a nice woman let me enter through her card.
There we were, standing on the platform were the train was and suddenly, it was clear, why it didn't work. We looked up how to get there yesterday via the internet and it sent us to a route which was more than idiotic. it was a catastrophe. We could take the train heading for Versailles Chateau from there, no problem, BUT we would have to go over Paris again?!!
I convinced Matthias to instead go to Versailles Chantier, because the city of Versailles wouldn't be that huge anyway.
And so we did. After 10 mins we were there and got out with our original tickets????!!!. (I HATE THIS TICKET SYSTEM). A friendly conductor told us, that indeed, we were not very far from the palace Versailles and could actually walk! HOORAY!
Our mood got better that instant and we went to grab some breakfast at a local bakery.

The salmon quiche and the raspberry macron were mine and they were super Delicious. Raspberry heaven in my mouth.

Indeed, we didn't need a lot of time to reach the castle and after 15min we were there.
 Sadly the left part of Versailles was under construction...

 Sneaky Matthias taking a picture of my again. and YES, I am still wearing his ugly sweater. Wait, not still but...again..

 I didn't dress up much even though I wanted to wear another one of my lolita dresses but two friendly German lolita from the Angelic Pretty teaparty told me that they were not allowed to enter the castle because of their outfits. Meh.

We stood in line for the tickets even though we were free to enter with a passport. So after queueing 20mins, we went outside and queued for another 45min to enter the palace. And indeed, if you are under 26 years old and show your ID they let you enter for free. That was super awesome.


That was Versailles. Then we went into the gardens and the to the east for Trianon. They had a few nice rooms but either we missed something or they didn't show a lot...I know tours were you can see the whole castle..?

We ate lunch at cafe Angelina near petite Trianon and the cakes were delicious again..

Returning from the palace it was raining so hard, we went out of the area and discovered a bus station which took us to the train station Versailles Chateau.
We got a ticket and got into the train. At not even half of the way the train stopped and didn't continue. Then, after half an hour of waiting, they sent us all out. We didn't know what to do so we got into the tram and rode it until we saw an RER station. There were three conductors standing around and we told them the problem about the train and if we had to buy a new ticket because cleary, it was not our fault. They just told us, we should have stayed in the train. I got so mad, I kept blubbering, the train has stopped, we couldn't stay on that (fucking) train.
Luckily, we did get another ticket and with that we went to the apartment, got our stuff and drove to the airport. That was such a bad last impression of Paris and of France, I really can't tell you how pissed I was going to and coming from Versailles.

I will fly to Stockholm today and go to Närcon! I have been looking forward to that for a very long time :).