Sunday, 29 November 2015

Progress on my victorian steampunk dress...or not

Hi lovelies,

a while ago I shared pictures on the steampunk dress I am currently doing. The only problem is, that I assembled all the pieces and sewed them together and I am absolutely dissatisfied by the outcome. I thought this dress with this particular fabric was a good idea but it wasn't.
So back to zero, I guess.

The back looks super good though. The pattern even matches the sides. There are still pins in the lower back because I was not finished and I wanted to see how it looks like on my doll...

It matches even better on the other side! But the light was too bad for it.

The front is all wobbly because I measured everything with a corset underneath and I can't lace my sewing doll, which is a real shame.
Plus, it is open on the side and should be closed there too but nay, I didn't have time to pin it properly.
I warned you. It really looks all wrinkled up because I didn't bother to pin the sides but whatever. I was already so fed up with everything...

So, what now.
For my 1860s Hungarian wedding dress I still have some white satin fabric left. Also I have got white and a kind of reddish-brown hard leather. And with these I wanted to create something new, maybe only victorial inspired but very steampunk-y.

Wish me luck for that!,


Friday, 27 November 2015

Swankiss fukubukuro

Hello lovelies,

Swankiss announced their fukubukuros for 2016 on the 20th of November.
The bag is called "Angel BAG" (like the one from last year) and looks huge on the model.
When I was in Japan last year to buy the fukubukuro, the swankiss one was shaped like a bow and the whole bag was even bigger than the current bag.

The bag costs 20.000yen plus tax and includes free shipping in Japan. You can order them on their site and tenso then sends them overseas.
Currently only the white version (the one I ordered) is available. The pink is sold out and I am not sure if there will be a restock.

Grab them now before they are both sold out!

Have a nice weekend,


P.s. anyone got information about Liz Lisa lucky packs? Last year they were out around that time already but until now there is no information...

Friday, 20 November 2015

Hungary 7years war/austrian succession

Hello lovelies,

I totally forgot to share the pictures Greencat took of me and Hannerbell.
For the pictures we went to Belvedere in Vienna and I have to admit, that it was a great idea.

I hope you like them!
All pictures are made and edited by Greencat. Thank you so much.

Hannerbell cosplays France and made her cosplay by herself. (LOOK AT ALL THAT LOVELY LACE).
And I cosplay Hungary and also did my cosplay by myself. My wip can be seen here.

All the best and have a nice weekend,


Tuesday, 17 November 2015

still alive and kicking

Hi lolives,

during winter time I tend to get more lazy and just want to either sleep or lay on the couch eating Lebkuchen and petting my cats.
But I have an urgent project coming on with a deadline on the 8th of December so I can't really lazy around. I just nap a few times after any accomplishment :D!
The new project will be a steampunk victorian walking dress. I used a burda pattern for the sleeve and a pattern from a Gosu Rori mixed with Jane Arnold's patterns of fashion 2 for the other pieces. 

My cat always likes to sit on "new things" laying on the floor. I bring fabric, she sits on it. I spread my pattern books on the floor, she sits on it.

But to be honest, I can't even be mad at her. But she is a super fluffy, little rascal.

As a matter of fact, I did finish my patterns, even though she played with my pen and my rulers all the time.

And this is it. I know it looks super weird but it fits really well. Never thought it would...
The fabric is black fake leather with a geometric pattern punched into it. It looks really good and I hope it also looks good when I am done.

There is no perfect Steampunk outfit without the weapons. So I got myself a fairly cheap (for Austrian standards, super expensive for not western Europeans and Americans =_=) children's toy weapon.
I used sandpaper to roughen up the surface and then used black gesso to prime it. I think there are about 5 layers of gesso on it.

I worked betther than I thought and it doesn't look like plastic anymore. So that is a really big plus.
The next step would be to paint it with black and bronze. 

All the best,


Thursday, 5 November 2015

Fun in August

Hi lovelies,

maybe you remember the post where I described our hardcore sight seeing through Vienna in August?
Well, during that trip my friend and photographer Souly (From Blur of color. Go to his page, I really like his pictures) made some picture of me and Matthias.
I just got them yesterday and I really love them. He likes to play with colours and filters.

In some of the pictures my petticoat is peaking under the skirt and I didn't notice, nor did he. Shame on us...
Jsk: Infanta
Headdress: taobao
Wig: Lockshop
Socks: Metamorphose

This picture is definitely my favourite!

 And in these shots we forgot to change my shoes XD. The other ones where a bit tight and I couldn't walk with them for such a long time...

And this outfit was from the second day. I wore my Angelic pretty jsk I bought in Japan, a huge bodyline bow, a meta blouse, dreamV bag, Lockshop wig, and offbrand (Deichmann) shoes.

All the best,


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Finished Project

Hello lovelies,

On Sunday Hannerbell and I had our photo shooting and even though Prussia, Russia and Austria were missing, we definitely want to redo it again with them.
It was super much fun and so many people wanted to do pictures of us and with us.
But before posting pictures of us in the final costume, I still have some wip pictures I wanted to show.

I left the entry of the work in progress part three with the words, that I still need to hem.
And this is what I did the next day; I hand stitched the hem.
I am not a professional and never studied it, but this is the method which worked best for me.

Afterwards I finished the cuffs. First I sewed it at the top and then turned it and sewed the side.
Here is the outer and the inner part. The white lining was such a stupid fabric. It was fraying all over and especially at the buttonholes I made.

My sewn on cuff. Tadah.
As for the lace on the cuff, I made a separate lace.
 I can tie it together with a ribbon! I didn't want to use elastics for it. Somebody always has to help me tying it but nevertheless, it gives a more 18th century feel than elastics...

I made the button holes at the front part and tried to make them bigger. I have seen some old uniforms and the button holes are always way bigger than the actual button plus the button was also always on the far end of one side.

Look at that silly white fraying fabric. It was a nightmare.
Also the pictures are weirdly lighted...sorry for that...?

And this is how it looked like, buttoned onto the coat. I was really proud of that because almost every buttonhole was straight...except for one of course.

Afterwards came the lace. And it really looks like a big lace monster. But it is also super pretty so...
But the coat is finished, yey!

Bonus pic: I also did the trousers by myself and my cat thought it was very amusing to sit on the fabric all the time. Narrische Nudel.

The photo shooting was held at Belvedere in Vienna and Greencat was our photographer and Matthias helped that every part of the costume sat in the right place.
At this time I only have selfies or pictures from my mobile phone, I have to wait a bit for our pictures but that's no problem at all.
Hannerbell's France costume is so amazing. Everything is self made and she really knows her stuff.

I on the other side, looked super weird on that day. The ribbon was also too short but I noticed only after the photo shooting. Also, I forgot to glue on my lashes. Fantastic work.

The light was already super bad here but look at us! We are both full of lace.

I was filming myself most of the time while doing this project. A video will follow soon on youtube but I don't know when I will have the time do edit so it may take a while.

The next project will probably be a 1740-80s dress but I am still not so sure about it because the fabric is super expensive and I need a buttload of it. But I really want to do a robe a la francaise....


have a nice week,

All the best,