Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Wip Anri 3

Hello lovelies,

only 12 more days and it's Hanamatsuri. Time sure flies by! And of course I am far from being finished.
At least I have three full days to sew and 9 days after work...(so like 2-3h @_@).

The only thing I finished is the crown! I tried it on yesterday and it fit's very well, even though I didn't even use pins to hold the crown in place. I love it.
My no makeup and tired from work face is censored XD! And this is also the first glimpse to our new sewing room! The boxes on the right side contain wigs and all together, Matthias and I probably have 6 boxes of wigs. Whoops.

What else did I do...
I coloured the fabric and as I said, the painted fabric just doesn't look that good...but I did not have any other choice....as the fabric spray did not work..
It's like that blurry and messy on purpose because you can also see on the original picture, that the white part is just whatever too. I painted three, so there is one more to go...

Cut out the sleeves and used my overlock to make the edges nice and smooth. The bottom will get an elastic band and the top will be ruffled. Or, when I made it too small, it will get some ruffles.

I lined the sleeve and it really looks nice now. But I am still not good and sewing round things. Srsly...this is super annoying.

So, what more to do:

  • buy shoes 
  • finish ribbon stitching the other sleeve and line it
  • finish painting the skirt part
  • embroider the skirt part
  • cry
  • put together the whole dress
  • paint it and embroider it
  • cry hard
  • insert a zip
  • sew the sleeves onto the dress
  • do the button and hole things onto the sleeves 
  • embroider the shoes
  • cry because it's done
All the best,


Monday, 23 February 2015

Metamorphose Valentine's set

Hello lovelies,

Metamorphose had a special sale for Valentine's day. It included the Tutu JSK in pink, two pair of socks and a hair ribbon. I also ordered a necklace with it, the glorious Pearl choker with cameo in pink.
The set and the necklace were 14.688 together +  shipping 2.800Yen + taxes 34,90€ = ~164€.

Sock number one: Black and blue socks with a golden bell and blue ribbon and roses

Socks number two are white with pink details.

A hair bow was also included.

And this is the pretty necklace

Sadly, for the dress, the pictures didn't turn out that well because it was already darker...
The ribbon on the front is a bit more shiny than I normally prefer.

But the skirt is all lace and very soft. Thumbs up!

It has a big and detachable bow at the back and a shirring.

All the best,


Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Anri wip 2

Hello lovelies,

after finishing one sleeve I was not in the mood for beginning the next one, so I started his hairpiece/crown/whatever.
The pattern I made is quite similar to a Russian kokoshnik which I found here, including a small tutorial by Atelier Nostalgia.
I forgot to take pictures of only the cut out fabric (but it would have been boring anyway, so straight to the stitched version. It only took me about 2,5h. I am getting faster. But if I do this everyday my right hand will go on a strike, I fear.

Close up of the gold stitching. I really can't remember where I bought this ribbon and there is so little left. Oh noes ;_;

He also had some green/bluish pearls on the crown, so there you go.

Things to do:
1) completely finish the ribbon stitching (two tiny details are missing)
2) stitch the wire into the frame
3) sew everything together (per hand)
4) attach a band, strip of fabric, for a better attachment on the wig

Hopefully I can finish it today!


Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Anri wip

Hello lovelies,

this time I have been really busy working on my newest cosplay and, because I moved again, my new flat. But I still live in a box castle. At least I build the dressing table yesterday. It's from ikea...

I have been working on my cosplay for a few weeks now, but never that constant.
It will be Anri from Adekan, not Shiro this time, and I want to finish it for Hanamatsuri.
I will do the right one in pink. Oh how I love the design of the mangaka!

The pattern for the bodice and the skirt part are done...with a little magical help there...

I got this cute pencil in Japan and it's a Sailor Moon merch. *__*

I cut out the pieces and then pinned them together. The first try resulted in a bodice which was much too wide. But this is already the more form fitting piece.

I actually wanted to colour the skirt part with spray paint but it didn't work out, at all. It all went kind of weird and not white at all.

 See this? It does look weird, doesn't it?

Therefore I decided to paint them with textile colours instead. Boooo.
I started with painting it black because I didn't have a white paint at home.
 That's a sleeve. I used tape to cover the parts I didn't want to colour.

And now for the part which will take me not only ages to complete but also looks so cute, I really push myself to finish it. Ribbon stitching the floral pattern onto the dress.
I started with drawing out the pattern on one side.

And then cutting it out. I only marked it on one side because I still needed a full sleeve pattern for the lining and the pattern is anyway symetrical. So why bother. And me is a lazy bum.

Tadaaaah! First accomplishment.

 It grew!

Flowers on the top of the sleeve. As you can see, I only made one stitch for the petals and not two anymore. I don't know yet what I like best..

And this is the first finished ribbon stitched sleeve. My hand was dead and I worked on these for a long time.

Cost so far: 24,40€ (fabric is super cheap in Vienna if you know where to go to!)
Hours worked: 21h


Monday, 2 February 2015


Hello lovelies,
I went to the Regenbogenball (rainbowball, a ball for the lgbtqia+ community) this weekend. 
I haven't been there for over 5 years but then my friends and i got cards when Alexander Rybak was announced as a special guest. I really like his happy pop music, but he cancelled the concert shortly before the event. That was really disappointing. Instead of playing in Austria, he ignored their contract and did a concert in Russia instead. What? Why? Super disappointing.

The ball was held in beautiful hotel near schloss schönbrunn and had a lot of beautiful pictures on the wall and great chandeliers. 

The ballroom

We watched the opening ceremony with an incredible talented ballerino, who is Austrian but works in the Us. Another great performance was from Schuh schuh, who danced to a short Eurovision song contest medley. They had silly yellow afros and their partners had white elvis wigs and looked quite ridiculous, but that was the point.
Afterwards we drank and danced too and Matthias managed to step on my foot only once. Yeeeeey.
At midnight there was a special guest, instead of Alexander rybak. Alison Jiear sang instead of him and her voice was super amazing, even though the microphone was a bit too quiet at first and one could not hear her over the music. But it got louder and after she sang "it's raining men" the whole hall was dancing and singing.
I hate beer but it was the cheapest drink with the most value. Nevertheless it was 4,50€ for 300ml. Meeeeh. But a white wine with sparkling water was 4,70 for 250 ml. Pfffhhh. Neverrrrr.
We also made the mistake and ate a bit because we were starving. It was 6,50 for two sausages, bread and mustard. Yikes.

My outfit was a jesus diamante dress and bag. The shoes were from dreamv. 
I decided against a crown or flower in my hair because my updo was already huge!

Look at that! My hairdresser is great and mad! 
 It was very dark but not too dark for a selfie plus filters! Harhar!

All in all, it was a fun and expensive night.


Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Yolanda - Florrie avec Echos OP

Hello lovelies,

I got my new dress! I ordered it over Loli-loli Paradise on Facebook in September (!!) but it finally arrived. I actually also ordered a bonnet but it was sold out when I had to do my final payment...meh. Just my luck..
So for the dress I paid 1080 HKD (122€), 915 HKD (103€) for the dress and 165 HKD (19€) for the shipping.
It arrived packed in plastic and with a free lolipop.


close up of the under skirt

Detail of the pattern

The fabric is very thin but I didn't try it on yet. Also, I am 155cm and the dress goes over my knee, so it is definitely also something for taller lolitas and tall lolita friendly.