Saturday, 25 June 2016

International Lolita day

Hello lovelies,

I am way behind my entries.
Shame on me.
For the international lolita day the lolita community in Vienna had a mini-meet up. We first went for some delicious ice-cream and afterwards watch Alice behind the mirrors in the cinema.
Most of the lolitas were not available that weekend because there was an international music festival (with Babymetal!)
Nevertheless, I did have a lot of fun plus I liked the movie a lot, even more than the first one.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Swankiss skirt tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I am starting a new project. As I am all for tutorials I thought, why not do a video tutorial for youtube.
I made a Swankiss inspired skirt with flowers that move freely.

I hope you like it!
If you have any questions, please post them on my facebook page. I am collecting all comments and questions there for a better overview.

Have a nice week,


Tuesday, 21 June 2016


Hello lovelies,

I went to a Biedermeier (early victorian) festival a few weeks ago. It was held in Bad Gleichenberg, about 1,5h-2h from Vienna by car.
The festival was great, there were several marching bands and people in costumes.
Although I have to say that even though the costumes looked nice, they were far from historical accurate or even historical inspired. I made it a sport to count zips and nearly every dress had a zip at the back. There was also no one (I saw) who wore a corset? But apart from that and not everyone is as snobbish concerning historical costumes, the people had fun and a great day even though it was raining so hard at times. The grass was so muddy, I was so happy that I didn't finish my dress because it wouldn't have been white anymore.

The opening ceremony was a parade of all the people in costumes plus marching bands and soldiers on horses.
In the middle of the parade was a coach with "Franz" and "Sisi". Only in Austria.



At the end of the parade was a small party village with food stalls and various booths with items to buy. I didn't buy anything but my friends bought soap, a pillow filled with hop, and sweets. Matthias bought me sugared nuts, my favourite. It was just a shame that everything was wet and muddy.

My outfit that day, I wanted to do something victorian inspired, was my Yolanda dress with a bonnet.

We left the festival after 3-4h because it had started to rain again, or at least looked like it was going to rain again soon.
Afterwards we drove to the Riegersburg. I remember it from 10 years ago when my favourite band back then had a video shooting at the castle. It was even in the local news. Yes, I am talking about the japanese band Gazette. And now after more or less 10 years I finally managed to visit the castle. Yey.

There were three exhebitions titled, weapons, witches and women. At first I was a bit confused because the castle looked nowhere like in the video. It was more of a medieval stone fortress instead of a nice baroque castle. But we were then surprised in the last room which was the only "nicer" room.
Of course we had to take pictures...
All the best,


Monday, 30 May 2016

Woman in white

Hi lovelies,

this February my friend Souly and I had a small photo shooting. We wanted to do something creepy and came up with the idea to do a whole series of urban legend pictures.
So here are the pictures we made for the theme "Woman in white". I hope you like them.

 Photographer: Souly (Blur of color)
Make-up, styling: me
The thing I hold in my hand is a pomegranate btw.

All the best,