Monday, 30 March 2015

Fashion Weekend

Hello lovelies,

I didn't work on my cosplay at all, nor did I do anything else productive. All I did was eat junk food, play assassin's creed, and dress up.
Saturday Plü was over and we had a little princess day.

She wore my Angelic Pretty dress with an Ank Rouge blouse, Alice and the pirates headpiece, and I wore my Jesus Diamante dress and prisila wigs. I had big hair, really big hair, but it was just so super messy because we wanted to dress quickly. Plü also forgot to wear a petticoat underneath. Whupsies!
Close up! Plü always looked like scared bambi! We goofed around and my crown slipped a bit, yikes. We didn't notice when we took that pic...

I am surrounded by hair! Poooooof
The filter is so off on the computer. I looked much better on my phone...But one can finally see my shading! Ha! But the crown is still crooked...damn..

But after that we had delicious cake! (And chips and chocolate..and drank delicious Bellini!)

We watched Captain America 2 and also wanted to start watching "The emperor's new groove" but Plü had to go already.

On Sunday Matthias and I went for a long walk in Vienna. We started at Westbahnhof, went to Volkstheater, then to Volksgarten, into the first district, over Kärntnerstraße to the Ring and then over the Mariahilferstraße home. It is amazing to live in the city centre.
It was not that cold and only the wind was blowing a bit. And after 90mins of walking around I was very warm when we got home again.
Afterwards I finally dolled up. I got some reference pics from Swankiss and did what I saw...and I liked the outcome. The only problem was, that the filter of those beauty apps hide the pink shade under the eye and one couldn't see them very well. A minor detail which also bothered me were the bottom lashes. Saaya Hayashida uses almost small, almost non visible ones on pictures and I only had the big ones...

Reference pictures:

The first picture is Saaya Hayashida. My make-up is inspired by hers.
She wears grey/light blue? eyeshadow, fake top and bottom lashes, white under her eyes and pink underneath and pink lipstick.
The second picture is from the Swankiss shop. It has wavy hair at the bottom, lots of ribbons, loops on the side and the bangs are curled.

The dress underneath is from a shop in shibuya 109 (forgot which one..) and the top, a peignoir, is selfmade. Socks are from bodyline and the shoes are from an-te-na.
Hairclips are from claire's and primark.

I like both styles! But wearing them in public or everyday would be too much for me. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable. But for meet-ups, it's totally fine!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cross Ange Bag

Hello lovelies,

I had a free day yesterday too and continued with my cross ange cosplay. Again, this is just one of the minor details, but without details, the cosplay is not whole.
Yesterday I did her bag/pouch. Actually I never found out what this exactly was, but it was obvious to me that this should be a bag. Where else could one store their belongings?

For the first time I noticed that the fabric I bought was a bit darker than the grey on the coat. I double checked and found out, that the colours on my phone are darker and more vibrant. Of course while buying fabric, I only checked the fabric with my phone. Oh well, never mind. As long as it's grey? I can't change it now.

First I made the pattern, then cut the fabric out and finally pinned it together to make sure what I did was correct.

The reason why it is closed on one side is that the other side will get a zip. And it looks very wobly with pins but it fit!

And this was my pattern. A smaller and a slightly larger rectangle and the ends. The grey thing at the back will be the side.

I cut out some leather and glued it onto the fabric to give it a bit more stability. I also used the zig zag stitch to neaten the fabric out (I don't know if this is the correct term but in German it is called "versäubern").

On the original artwork Ange has a kind of black line on her bag, so I decided to do a piping with my welting foot.

It works real magic for doing a piping. I got mine on ebay in a set for less than 8euros.

Almost done! I pinned the piping to the front and the only thing left was to sew together the bottom and insert a zip on the top.

The finished bag with the piping and the zip.

Close up of the zip.

Tomorrow I have a free day again and I already started with doing the pattern of the strange crop top she wears. I hope to maybe finish the complete pattern and start the skirt. But let's see.

have a nice day,


Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Fingerless gloves from leather gloves tutorial

Hello lovelies,

I had a day off today and decided on finally starting with my newest cosplay for Animuc in Munich, which is in about three weeks. I got a paper with the design for the costume but everything was so messy and I was too lazy to look for all the details in the anime, so instead I started with my accessories, the gloves.
Two months ago I ordered brown leather gloves on ebay, because I couldn't find fingerless brown leather gloves which were also a bit longer at the arm. And because I was not so sure about doing leather gloves on my own, I just ordered them. I think that was the right decision.
For my legs, I also couldn't find lime green overkneesocks and therefore ordered stocking in the correct colour. Maybe I'll also do a stocking to sock tutorial...!
So, let's begin...

Ange from Cross Ange
This is the original picture I have of the character. 
As you can see, the gloves don't match the rest of the black/grey/white outfit so I ordered them in brown. The colour of the picture is a bit off because the gloves are a bit darker in better light.
You will need:
  • Your gloves
  • a sewing machine
  • yarn in the colour of your gloves 
  • sewing needle
  • scissors
  • tailors chalk
  • a ruler
  • pins

Turn the gloves inside out. The leather has to be on your arm and the lining outside. Then mark the desired length of the fingers and on your arm. Then give seam allowance, I gave 1,5cm but that was already a lot. So maybe 1cm would be best. Then cut at the seam allowance at the arm, then turn and pin it.

When you cut the glove, be careful of the seams. They can open further and that's not really what we want. Sew over them again and secure them.
It doesn't have to be a lot, just a few centimetre.
Do this for all of the fingers at the thumb.

Turn over the seam allowances at the fingers and pin them. Check if it fits, if not, try to adjust them a bit.
 Cut into the seam allowance but not until the top.

I could stitch the leather with my sewing machine at the arm part.
But for the finger parts, you have to hand sew it. Sorry, there is no other way because it is too small for the sewing machine. But don't worry, this doesn't take up much time..

Turn around and you are done. Easy!

I think this also works with gloves made out of satin or wool.
Time needed: For one glove about 2h

Good luck and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask :)!


Monday, 23 March 2015

Birthday party

Hello lovelies,

Last Saturday was my birthday and housewarming party and so many people showed up. The whole living room was full of people. That was so amazing.
I bought Sushi for 60€ and the same amount of alcohol but apart from the beer, which is gone, I still have a lit of liqueur and rum left.

I also made bowle, at the top right, and everybody loved it. Yeeeey!

But before the party even started, I went to the hairdresser because my natural hair colour was already showing and my bangs were way to long....
The colour is lighter and it is a more natural blonde. I really like it a lot. My hairdresser is a genius...but then I also paid 50€ more than I usually do. Yiiiikes.

For the party, I wore my Jesus Diamante dress again..
I really, really love the dress and I always feel like a princess. The necklace is from Metamorphose.

I took some selfies with some of my friends but I forgot to do it with everyone. Such a shame!

That's my sister! She has a wonderful food blog.

T. and I were roommates for a few years. I really miss her and our alcohol sessions. Also..she bakes amazing cupcakes. And her lemon frosting is the best.

 And then with Plü and Ryo. We try to see each other at least once a month but it's very difficult. I want to dress up with princess plü agaaaaaiiin!

I got so many presents, the whole table was full. Thank you so much! I never expected that ;O;!
 I got six different kind of teas (*Q*), the sherlock DVD, Frozen, a toaster, pillows, books, chocolate, amazon voucher etc. THIS IS SO AMAZING.

My friend Zen came from Germany to attend my and a friends birthday party, which took place on Friday, and she stayed until Monday, so on Sunday, we had a wonderful and lazy day. I ate the rest of the sushi from Saturday for breakfast, we had Burger for lunch and pizza for dinner. No wonder I gain weight with all that unhealthy food...
We made plans for our next trip to Munich (probably end of July) and cosplay. And because I love the Art nouveau designs of the disney princesses we decided to just do them...

Aren't they just amazing? They were drawn by Hannah Alexander

I decided on doing Ariel...
because I like her dress the most and the small details are amazing...

Have a good week,


Monday, 16 March 2015

LBM 15

Hello lovelies,

I never wanted to go to LBM again because it was so stuffed in 2013 and it felt like in a sardine can, but this year I did again. Saturday was so freaking full again but Sunday was so nice. We even met people we wanted to meet! This did not happen on Saturday, our phones didn't really work there and most of the people were super busy with photoshootings.
The hostel were we stayed over for two nights was horrible. It was on the fourth floor, without lift but with a wooden staircase (??) and the beds were super cheap and creaked with every movement. The beds had bedcovers but they felt so rank. It was really disgusting. 

The adekan cosplay was finally finished and I found the correct wig again (even though I forgot to do the curls), but my green contacts are still gone. No idea where I put them after moving but I looked everywhere already and I simply can't find them.

Matthias cosplayed sb from Bakumatsu rock.
Just a quick picture and selfie from the con...I will do a proper photoshooting soon! :)
But I am done..finally....done..
Initial date: 27.01.2015
End date: 13.3.2015
Time elapsed: 1 Month, 14 days
Total time: 82h 10min
Total cost: 57,30€

We left the bookfare quite early and went to global, a German supermarket which is huuuuuuuge. We don't have supermarkets that big in Austria, so we always like to go there and buy stuff...
Well...this time it was mostly alcohol because it was much cheaper than in Austria plus next week is my birthday party. *winks*

For Sunday I finally wore a cute lolita coord again.

Bonnet: Alice and the pirates
Flowers: Claire's
Necklace: Metamorphose temps de fille
Handcuffs: Bodyline
OP: Jewel Tree Bouquet Print  Baby the stars shine bright
socks: Metamorphose
shoes: DreamV/Yumetenbo
wig: ebay (offbrand)

My petticoat was so flat from travelling, I definitely need a new one soon.

Selfie time! Matthias wears his free cosplay!

In one month is the next con in Germany, Animuc. I want to sew another cosplay for it....probably Cross Ange, but let's see....:)