Thursday, 27 August 2015

Short wip

Hey lovelies,

time is flying so fast, this is unbelievable. And I didn't do a lot. Damn it.
But last week i got my cute lace and it is super soft and the shipping was fast too, only 2-3 weeks!
Yesterday I had a free day and I used it to work with my skirt. I was not really a 100% satisfied with the outcome when I draped the underskirt for the second time and therefore made a lot of changes and then sewed all parts together. I also managed to cut the overskirt and drape it. It falls much better than the underskirt because I made it a  bit wider than the underskirt. Plus, I didn't use all of my 12m satin fabric so I still have a bit to do cute frills or ribbons. Hell yes!
Afterwards I started doing the apron, and left the sewing of the overskirt for another day. I didn't want to drape and sew it yesterday.

The apron is made out of lace and soft tulle with cute dots on it.

 I ordered this lace via aliexpress and it was about 5€ per yard. Aliexpress has, as I found out, a lot of cute lace and I will definitely order with them again.

That was the tulle, with a cute dot design. It is even softer than the lace. I really love it. And it was about 5€ per yard too. And I still have a lot left so I think I will use it for the veil too.

As for the apron, I cut out a rectangle (and fyi do not cut along the dots. They are not symmetrical..)
It is not really straight too but that doesn't matter!

The next step is to cut out what I need from the lace. I only needed the cute bottom of the lace.
I don't know what to do witht the rest of it, the cute roses, but maybe I'll find something.

And finally, I pinned the lace to the tulle and voila. All that is left is sewing it on, then cutting again and I am finished.

You don't really sew it well, because a white skirt with a white apron is...a fantastic idea. Truly.
But it slowly wraps up and I hope to do the bodice next week, because this weekend is another con and therefore I won't have time to continue.
But I already got the green velvet and it'll look super good!

Have a nice weekend,


Thursday, 20 August 2015

New cosplay introduction and wip

Hello lovelies,

I am finally back to working only 2-3x a week, for now. Things will change again in September and October because I wanted to work more. (more work --> more money) I already wrote my university time table and I could stuff about 5 classes á 1,5h in one day, so I will work about 3-4 times a week now!

There is alatin language crash course I am currently in, from Tuesday to Thursday and let me tell you, it is hardcore. Today will be the 4th lesson and we already had to study about 10 pages of vocabulary, and the only time we don't know yet is the futur exact. My brain regularly melts from a latin overdose...

So, enough of the personal rant, and of to the good cosplay introduction.

What I am currently doing is a Hungarian court dress, similar to the one Empress Elisabeth of Austria wore for her coronation. And no surprise there, that I am doing the dress for Hungary from Hetalia for Connichi.

The bodice has a V shaped inlay with lacing, white puff sleeves, and an apron.
The skirt past is laid in box plaid, at least the last dress and most of them have a lace apron.
The whole outfit is heavy on lace and gold and pearl stitching. Most of the dresses have a long train at the back.
I will also do a pearl lacing because it really looks pretty, with a lace apron and the big train, as seen on the last picture. My bodice will be green, because hungary is often depicted wearing lush green or earth colours. The skirt will be in white too and I bought fantastic white silk fabric for it.

I already have a crinoline, so I didn't have to do these from scratch. But I made an underskirt for it, because the fabric is super thin and without it, one could see the hoops.

I made frills and attached them to the skirt. Measuring around the crinoline was a bit tricky though.
All in all, there are three rows on the finished underskirt.

I made another underskirt, but this will be attacked to the overskirt. Due to the fact, that the fabric is pure silk and I will be walking outside in probably bad weather (it's always a shitty weather for connichi) I didn't want the train to be on the floor directly, hence another underskirt.


 I didn't have enought fabric in some places or it didn't work out the way I wanted and I had to add some more pieces of fabric.

 With big costumes like that I love making mock-ups... because I can also use them for the lining. There will also be an V inlay but I didn't cut it into the pattern.
Also for the bodice I used the pattern from Jarnet Arnold "Patterns of fashion" 3.
It nearly fit too, nearly. Almost all of the time, I have to reduce about 4cm from my back because it's too big. I don't know if my shoulders or my back is super tiny or if the pattern is too big there. As for my waist it, fits perfectly with my corset underneath. (the one I made back in 2010 without a front opening. Well done, past me. Now I always have to wriggle into the corset).

 And this is the back pattern. It doesn't really fit my dressform. (In the background is a ghost leg :D).

 I hope to continue this costume during the weekend but I have a friend over from Germany so I don't know I probably have a lot to study in latin again..ugh...


have a nice weekend.


Sunday, 16 August 2015

DreamV order

Hello lovelies!

I finally got my DreamV order after it was at the Austrian tax station for ages. There were some documents missing which was annoying because there were no documents missing. I checked. They were just not sure about the price. So I had to send them all the information on the items, which was time consuming.

But nevermind, I have it!
The pictures are not that good because I just used my mobile phone camera and it was dark already, but I think they suffice.

I got two pair of shoes, the first are cheap summer shoes (because I still don't have cute ones for this year) and the other ones are perfect for my current shell and mermaid mania.

When I order japanese shoes I always order size M (I am size 36/37) and they fit perfectly or are a bit too big.

I also ordered a very ugly bolero. I love it. But it is still super ugly!

The lace is very soft and I am so happy it is not that hard, weird lace. The material is quite stretchy.

Last but not least I got a cute little bag. It is still not big enough for my university stuff but I totally forgot to measure it out. Oh well, doesn't matter. I can not have enough shoes are bags!
The bag has a cute heart stitching, lace and bows. It's perfect. I wish I could find bags like these in Austria too. I would save so much money in shipping and taxes.

All right,
that is it for today,

Have a nice weekend,


Friday, 7 August 2015

trash & treasure edition one

Hello lovelies,

there was a new vintage market in Vienna today called trash & treasure edition one.
It was a super hot day and the temperatures were far over 30°c but the rooms where cooler on the inside and the girls from the shop brought us cold lemon water.

There were so many beautiful things and I only had a limited budget, even though they really were on sale and therefore super cheap!
I saw a flower crown with little birds on them and fell in love but sadly, it was not in my budget.
Even thought the quality bad and the picture is blurry, you can see all the headpieces and hats they had. And the closest head has the wonderful flower crown with birds on it. I envy the person who buys it.

They also had cute rings and earrings for good prices. And the design of the items where really marvellous. My favourite were earrings with a rain cloud on a blue background. I wanted to get them for my sister but neither Matthias nor I had enough money for the extra item...

Teacups and plates etagerie! I love the idea. But okay, I am biased because I love everything which implies tea.

And those where the dresses. Each and every one of them where 100% my style but I didn't want to try them on because I knew my boobs are currently to big for those lacey dresses. The one on the far left side, is an original vintage dress but was only 50€. But lengthwise it was also a bit too long for me. I am only 155cm and would have looked even shorter.

Edita Rosenrot is the lady who created those wonderful hats. She told me that she didn't have an online shop yet, but it was sure to come. I would be delighted!
If you want to check out her work, click here.

I bought a cute little strawberry hairpin and a mermaid bracelet. All in all, 20€! It was exactly in my budget, yey me.

Close up of the details!

If you are interested, the vintage market will be held tomorrow (8th of August) and on Sunday (9th of August) too.
The full address is Blechturmgasse 23-27, 1050 Vienna.

Have a nice weekend,


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Shopping haul

Hello lovelies,

another shopping post, because I like to shop and while Matthias was in the US, there was nobody to pry my fingers away from the computer.

Items from Buyee:

All three items are from Liz lisa! <3 p="">
Gyaru sales com:

There was a pink bodyline blouse too but I forgot to take pictures...orz...

Plus I am still waiting on my Swankiss Tenso package and my DreamV order.
I had to cancel my Innocent world order because the dress I wanted was already sold out! Such a shame...

Have a nice week,