Monday, 27 April 2015

Sales post

Hello lovelies,

yesterday was a J-fashion bring and buy and everybody could bring J-fashion (off)brand clothes. One euro was the fee and you could bring as much clothes as you want. I brought 24€ pieces but only sold three, so a lot of things are still on sale.

  • I ship from Vienna, Austria. 
  • I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages.
  • No returns, no exchanges
  • I have no pets and nobody smokes in the flat
  • I accept paypal and bank transfer (in Europe)
  • Feel free to ask questions! I will answer asap.
  • Prices are in Euro.
  • Please message/comment for shipping prices!
  • Payment plans are negotiable
  • No trades

Brand: Queen Bee
Size: M
Condition: Never worn
Price: 35€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: Free size (S-M)
Condition: Only tried on
Price: 45€

Brand: Fanplusfriend Garden
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner, it has small black dots on the collar (see last picture)
Price: 20€

Brand: Jesus Diamante
Size: XS-S
Condition: I am the second owner but I only tried it on. It has greyish spots at the back of the sleevehole but they are almost not visible.
Price: 120€

Brand: Liz Lisa
Size: Freesize (S-M)
Condition: Tried once, like new
Price: 50€

Brand: Swankiss
Size: S
Condition: tried on once, like new
Prize: 20€

Very old gyaru top, bought it in 2007.
Brand: Liz lisa
Size: S
Condition: worn, but ok
Price: 10€

to be continued..


Monday, 20 April 2015

cosplay and cherry blossom

Hello lovelies,

we have a small japanese garden in Vienna, called Setagaya parc and it has a huge cherry blossom tree. And at the beginning of April it is always at full bloom and very beautiful. And I pestered my sister to make pictures of me and my Adekan cosplay there.
When we arrived, we were a bit baffled by the amount of people. It was a regular Tuesday afternoon but it was very crowded and there were a lot of people taking pictures or just picknicking.
Nevertheless, my sister made some fantastic pictures again!

This is my favourite picture.
I wanted my pictures to have a slight pink hue, so that the cherry blossom would pop out even more.

And here again, the statistics for the cosplay:
Initial date: 27.01.2015
End date: 13.3.2015
Time elapsed: 1 Month, 14 days
Total time: 82h 10min
Total cost: 57,30€

Have a nice day,


Monday, 13 April 2015

Animuc 15

Hello lovelies,

Animuc is over and I am in Austria again and finally have internet again. I always try to catch wifi when I am travelling but in Germany this is so difficult to find anything. The only place I had wifi for a few seconds before it didn't work anymore, was in a shopping centre.
P., Matthias and I drove to Munich on Friday at about 2 and we arrived at 6 or 7. We made a short stop before the German border to get our muscles working again, but apart from that, the drive went very smooth. And I tend to instantly fall asleep in cars, so if there would have been any problems, I overslept them. Remind me to never get a drivers license.
In the hotel room, which was super small but had room for exactly three beds, I finished my Cross Ange cosplay.
This is the half finished version I made before leaving for Munich.

On Saturday I was in my full Cross Ange cosplay (I forgot to put on the gloves though) and then I was freezing so much, I wore my Liz Lisa coat over the cosplay half of the time. Meh.

Matthias was still sick with a virus infection so I made him wear this mask all the time
 But we left early anyway because we still wanted to go shopping in our favourite tea shop in Munich (Ronnefeld). The salesladies already know us and always chat with us, which is so nice. We only go to the shop 2-4 times a year but they still remember us every time we go there.
Then in the evening we went out for yummy Mexican food which was really good but expensive for German standards. My King Kong colada was not good at all. It was very sweet but it could not cover the bitter taste of whatever alcohol they put in there. In comparison, the kiwi twister P. ordered was so good. I thought the food was good but P. and Matthias had stomach ache afterwards. I really have a good stomach. Lucky me. But the food was really fatty, we had sweet potato fries, fries with chili and cheese, and tacos baked with cheese.

The next day we were at Animuc already very early because we wanted to leave early again to go back to Austria. I was dressed in larme kei but I had the feeling that almost nobody knew this style and even the lolitas eyed me warily.

Full coord:
Dress: Forever 21
Peignoir: self made
necklace: Dreamy bow
Flower crown: ??
Shoes: some chinese online shop but I wore them the second time and now the right shoe is ruined and I have to glue the heel and the front together again?...Thanks...
small hairbows: Claire's

It's not really visible but I had pink blush under my eyes again...damn you filter.

I am a bear, rawr.

Mirror pic with S.

This is actually a polaroid picture.
 But the weather was much better and when the sun came out behind the clouds it suddenly got very very warm.
We went shopping and I bought pink hair chalk . I am very excited and hope to test it out soon.

I hope to do a photo shooting soon with my cosplay...I need good pictures!! ò.Ó

Have a wonderful week,


Friday, 3 April 2015

Jesus Diamante wardrobe post

Hello lovelies,

next week is Animuc so I will be very busy this weekend. But, it's Easter time so no work on Monday. Hurray!

Jesus Diamante is the brand if you want to wear Himegyaru and it is also ridiculously expensive. One dress is as expensive as a lolita dress, sometimes it's even more expensive.

But all in all I own eleven  dresses, two pair of shoes, one head bow, two bags, two camisoles and one cardigan.

A ridiculous price, if I had bought everything from the store.
But there are really other ways to build yourself a himegyaru wardrobe full of Jesus diamante and really, I never paid more than 100€ for a dress.
  1. Girls from the Gyaru sales or Lolita sales livejournal community or Hime sales on facebook sometimes sell Jesus Diamante for a very good price. I got three dresses, the head bow, two camisoles and a cardigan on these sites. And for one dress I never paid more than 120€ including shipping. I even got a camisole, the cardigan, the head bow and one dress for 120€. It was a dream come true. 
  2. Yahoo Auction Japan is a very good site to buy from. They also have a lot of secondhand Jesus Diamante for a fair price. Use Buyee to buy from Yahoo Auction Japan. But be careful: while you can look out for good deals in the gyaru and lolita sales community in your country (no taxes, reduced shipping fee), this option may seem cheap at first but never forget, you also have to pay for the shipping from Japan, sometimes taxes and a standard and handling fee from Buyee. I bought the fluffy bag, the black shoes on the bottom picture on the left side and the black dress with the bow in front on the top picture from Buyee but I can't remember what the total was.
  3. The third option is closet child. They too are a second hand shop but they have an online and a physical shop. When I was in Tokyo in Winter 14/15 I spent a lot of time in closet child, I can even price myself in having been in every closet child in Tokyo (yes, yes, what an achievement, congratulations, me) and found some very good deals. I bought four dresses and most of the dresses I bought were only about 50-80€. I also bought one pair of shoes, the right ones on the bottom picture.
  4. I also bought directly from the Jesus Diamante store, never the full price though. There is that thing called fukubukuro which Japanese shops sell from the 2nd of January. It's a bag filled with goods for a certain price. I went to the Jesus Diamante shop and got a bag for about 200€ and got three dresses out of it. A fantastic deal, to say the least.
I hope my guide helped fellow Himegyaru to achieve their perfect Jesus Diamante wardrobe and to not be scared by the prices they see on the original JD homepage.

Have wonderful Easter holidays,


Monday, 30 March 2015

Fashion Weekend

Hello lovelies,

I didn't work on my cosplay at all, nor did I do anything else productive. All I did was eat junk food, play assassin's creed, and dress up.
Saturday Plü was over and we had a little princess day.

She wore my Angelic Pretty dress with an Ank Rouge blouse, Alice and the pirates headpiece, and I wore my Jesus Diamante dress and prisila wigs. I had big hair, really big hair, but it was just so super messy because we wanted to dress quickly. Plü also forgot to wear a petticoat underneath. Whupsies!
Close up! Plü always looked like scared bambi! We goofed around and my crown slipped a bit, yikes. We didn't notice when we took that pic...

I am surrounded by hair! Poooooof
The filter is so off on the computer. I looked much better on my phone...But one can finally see my shading! Ha! But the crown is still crooked...damn..

But after that we had delicious cake! (And chips and chocolate..and drank delicious Bellini!)

We watched Captain America 2 and also wanted to start watching "The emperor's new groove" but Plü had to go already.

On Sunday Matthias and I went for a long walk in Vienna. We started at Westbahnhof, went to Volkstheater, then to Volksgarten, into the first district, over Kärntnerstraße to the Ring and then over the Mariahilferstraße home. It is amazing to live in the city centre.
It was not that cold and only the wind was blowing a bit. And after 90mins of walking around I was very warm when we got home again.
Afterwards I finally dolled up. I got some reference pics from Swankiss and did what I saw...and I liked the outcome. The only problem was, that the filter of those beauty apps hide the pink shade under the eye and one couldn't see them very well. A minor detail which also bothered me were the bottom lashes. Saaya Hayashida uses almost small, almost non visible ones on pictures and I only had the big ones...

Reference pictures:

The first picture is Saaya Hayashida. My make-up is inspired by hers.
She wears grey/light blue? eyeshadow, fake top and bottom lashes, white under her eyes and pink underneath and pink lipstick.
The second picture is from the Swankiss shop. It has wavy hair at the bottom, lots of ribbons, loops on the side and the bangs are curled.

The dress underneath is from a shop in shibuya 109 (forgot which one..) and the top, a peignoir, is selfmade. Socks are from bodyline and the shoes are from an-te-na.
Hairclips are from claire's and primark.

I like both styles! But wearing them in public or everyday would be too much for me. I would feel incredibly uncomfortable. But for meet-ups, it's totally fine!


Thursday, 26 March 2015

Cross Ange Bag

Hello lovelies,

I had a free day yesterday too and continued with my cross ange cosplay. Again, this is just one of the minor details, but without details, the cosplay is not whole.
Yesterday I did her bag/pouch. Actually I never found out what this exactly was, but it was obvious to me that this should be a bag. Where else could one store their belongings?

For the first time I noticed that the fabric I bought was a bit darker than the grey on the coat. I double checked and found out, that the colours on my phone are darker and more vibrant. Of course while buying fabric, I only checked the fabric with my phone. Oh well, never mind. As long as it's grey? I can't change it now.

First I made the pattern, then cut the fabric out and finally pinned it together to make sure what I did was correct.

The reason why it is closed on one side is that the other side will get a zip. And it looks very wobly with pins but it fit!

And this was my pattern. A smaller and a slightly larger rectangle and the ends. The grey thing at the back will be the side.

I cut out some leather and glued it onto the fabric to give it a bit more stability. I also used the zig zag stitch to neaten the fabric out (I don't know if this is the correct term but in German it is called "versäubern").

On the original artwork Ange has a kind of black line on her bag, so I decided to do a piping with my welting foot.

It works real magic for doing a piping. I got mine on ebay in a set for less than 8euros.

Almost done! I pinned the piping to the front and the only thing left was to sew together the bottom and insert a zip on the top.

The finished bag with the piping and the zip.

Close up of the zip.

Tomorrow I have a free day again and I already started with doing the pattern of the strange crop top she wears. I hope to maybe finish the complete pattern and start the skirt. But let's see.

have a nice day,