Monday, 8 February 2016

A new collar

Hello lovelies,

Winter is crochet time for me. I don't know why I like it so much in Winter but almost never crochet in summer.
Last Saturday Matthias started to crochet a few hats for his ball jointed dolls and my fingers got itchy for that hook too.
And I still have a lot of crochet pattern at home and immediately started a new project. Not that I have a buttload of projects still waiting in my sewing room. Nooo, not at all.
In about 20h~ from Saturday to Thursday, although most of the work was done on Sunday, I finished a collar.

It is a bit asymetrical on one side because I used a hook which was too big for the yarn and therefore had to take less loops. In the end, I misscalculated and I had to cheat a bit. But all in all I like my project very much.

 The back definitely looks better than the front!

The imperfection is on the left side.

Oh well, it still looks good!

Have a nice day,


Saturday, 6 February 2016

Cheap lolita coord

Hi lovelies,

my lolita community is doing a “throw together the cheapest lolita coord possible” contest and this is what I came up with. I hope it counts because it is still over 100euros? |D

Hat: Taobao (offbrand), about 16€ with shipping
Blouse: from a 5 piece Angelic Pretty 10.000 Lucky pack set, so this item would be around 20€.
Pink ribbon: handmade by a friend, I bought it for 5€
Skirt: Bodyline (second hand) 23€
Petticoat: Classical Puppets: about 25€
Bag: from the same Angelic pretty lucky bag, about 20€.
Socks: H&M, I added lace and ribbons. About 6€
Shoes: Second hand, offbrand or replica, 20€

And because I love to take pictures with and of my cat, I had to grab her again for some pictures. Of course, those pictures are not the ones I sent for the contest.

My poses are a but weird because she squirmed a bit.

Photographer: Pi from Shooting in Vienna. Thank you, sis.


Friday, 5 February 2016

Rosée Matinale review

Hi lovelies,

Yesterday I got my package from Yoybuy. In this parcel was my dress from Quaint lass called
Rosée Matinale. I liked that the dress came in a box because it is harder to damage than dresses just packed in plastic and sent off.

Inside the box everything was wrapped in plastic.

It included the dress, three ribbons, buttons and an overlay skirt (I didn't take a picture of that part).

The fabric is very soft and the whole dress is made out of pastel pink chiffon. I especially like the print, it is lovely. The lace is soft too and of a  good quality. Thumbs up!

The top picture is without, the bottom picture is with petticoat. The top ribbon part is detachable as are the ribbons on the sleeve.

Close up of the beautiful print.

And another close up of the top.
The dress is really well tailored and there are no stray threads.

Here are the stock pictures as comparison:

 ( I really wanted the cute hat but they don't sell it ;_;)

For the dress I paid a total amount of 153.27$.
It consisted of:
Dress: 120.82$
International shipping: 19.44$
Service fee from Yoybuy: 12.08$
Customs fee: 1.31$
Insurance (it was optional but I got one anyway): 4.62$

I have seen the same dress on my-lolita-dress  on sale for 139.99$ (plus shipping). The normal price is 159.99$

All in all, the dress is fantastic and I will definitely order from quaint lass again.
Maybe I can find another taobao forwarding service because the fee of yoybuy is a too high, but  on the other side, their costumer service was really good and fast,. 

Have a nice weekend,


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cosplay plans for this year

Hi lovelies,

I am planning my cosplays for this year again and while I know that sometimes plans don't work out, I am still always doing it, year after year.

For Yuki Matsuri, a small convention in Vienna I am planning to do Bianca from Bernard and Bianca. I have seen the movie a few weeks ago and she was so cute. I could even convince Matthias to do Bernard for me, so we will finally do a partner cosplay again. Yey.

I already made an Ion cosplay for Connichi 14 (I think) but I want to do redo mine. Together with Zen, my Radu, we will wear it for Animuc on Saturday.

Another partner cosplay is with Souly. We want to do Ezio and Claudia from Assassin's creed Brotherhood. Of course I will do Claudia. I really came to like her and the whole series. But at the moment I am stuck at black flag because I don't have to time continue.

As for the other cosplays, I don't really have a fixed plan when to wear them.

 I already started doing this cosplay (see my WIP here). I really love the designs by Sakizou and I could live with the option of only being able to cosplay from her series.

 I started reading outlander when I was 15 and I loved Claire and Jamie. They were always my OTP from this series. Although I have to admit, I only liked the books until maybe 2-3, I still have a soft spot for them. Therefore I have to cosplay Claire. Matthias agreed to do Jamie! Yey.

 Alana Bloom is a character from Hannibal. She had an incredible character development and I really like her. This is the outfit I want to do from her.

Peggy Carter is another fantastic character I want to do. To be honest, I don't think I will have time to sew her costume, and therefore I already ordered it via Aliexpress. I hope it will arrive soon and in time for the Leipzig bookfaire but I don't think I will have that luck because China is figuratively speaking, closed for their national holidays until the 14th of February.

I started this cosplay last year and I am still not finished. How lazy can a person be? At least there is not really much to do anymore. I need to finish the stars and the hat and then I am done. Yey. See my progress here.

 Lady Oscar is an anime I could always watch. I still remember how hard I cried when I watched the last two episodes. As for the cosplay, I would love to cosplay oscar but instead I will do a Marie-Antoinette cosplay. Her dresses are not at all historically accurate so I will try and do this. Therefore the cosplay might look very different.

Apart from that my plans also include a peasant 18th century dress for Hungary from Hetalia and a huge robe a la francaise for female Austria, also from Hetalia. I don't have any pictures or fanarts at all so please imagine it yourself!

I am a 100% sure I forgot at least half of what I wanted to cosplay but I will return to update the list because my brain has holes and I forget everything anyway.

All the best,


Sunday, 24 January 2016

Lolita/Otome wardrobe post 2016

Hello lovelies,

last year I didn't do a lolita wardrobe post and this year I am super late already.
But I finally made it.

Jsk and OP
Dramatic Rose by Angelic pretty

Lace up doll by Metamorphose

Lady sloth

Rabbit teeth OP

from Cheval de bois
From a Angelic Pretty Mary romance doll Lucky pack 2014

Lacy ballerina OP by Angelic Pretty

more Otome kei than lolita, handmade (not by me though)
Fan plus friend OP

French girl OP by Angelic Pretty

Ekatarina JSK by Baby the stars shine bright

Floral Tree OP by Baby the stars shine bright

Tutu Dress by Metamorphose
Neverland Holy Cross JSK

Pastel pearl OP by Angelic pretty


Dress by H.Naoto (Frills)

Souffle song. For sale!

Florrie avec echos by Yolanda

Offbrand, more of a otome dress

flower garrett juliet OP by Baby the stars shine bright

Magic tea party

Innocent world


Souffle song

Souffle song


Innocent world

Innocent world

the same dress only with the bolero on top.
Blouse, Bolero, :
Angelic Pretty




Magic Tea party


Frill by H.naoto

Angelic pretty


Magic tea party

Innocent world



Back. It's from an indie brand.

Innocent world





La petite fille

Baby the stars shine bright

Souffle song



overskirt by an indie brand
cuffs by Bodyline

Angelic pretty


Alice and the pirates

offbrand, metamorphose and souffle song

bodyline (top) and austrian brand (bottom)

offbrand and Metamorphose

Socks, tights (stocking):




Hats, Bonnets